A Growing Number of Republican Leaders Are Warning About The Deep State’s Ukraine Spending Grift

Political leaders in the United States and the European Union have been working diligently to prevent former President Donald Trump from potentially reducing military aid to Ukraine. 

With Congress approving to give Biden additional “drawdown” powers to send armaments to Ukraine, and NATO allies in Europe attempting to put restraints on the Executive Branch’s ability to cut foreign aid. 

Several strategists, former Trump officials, and multiple Republicans in the US Senate have described these efforts as futile and wrong-headed. 

“There are things that they’re setting in motion here that are going to make it very difficult for Trump to, if he’s elected president, to undo this, to extricate us, from these arrangements,” Utah Senator Mike Lee declared. “I mean, look there are a thousand things you can do with government contracting that can make it either easier or harder for a subsequent administration to take a different approach.”

Lee was one of the senators who stood against the aid bill that will deploy $26.4 billion of military aid to Israel, $8.1 billion of military aid to Taiwan, and $61 billion of additional aid to Ukraine. Several opponents of Ukrainian military aid believe that Ukraine has no chance of winning against Russia. In light of these assumptions, they believe that a negotiated settlement must be hammered out between Russia and Ukraine. 

“The fact is that the strategy isn’t working. There is no strategy,” Fred Fleitz, the America First Policy Institute’s Center for American Security’s vice chair declared. “And Trump understands that. And it’s just not fair for these Democrats to say, well, we’re going to Trump-proof NATO. We’re going to Trump proof aid for Ukraine.”

Unfortunately, Trump has not been fully principled on the aid question. He has manifested support for sending additional aid to Ukraine in the form of a loan and even backed House Speaker Mike Johnson’s latest foreign aid bill. 

This highlights the importance of putting enough grassroots pressure on Trump and other MAGA figures, in addition to getting America First populists elected to the US Congress. One man can only do so much in politics.  

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