A Look at the Latinos who Support Trump’s Wall

Despite what the fake news media say, there are Latinos who support a border wall.

Erin Burnett of OutFront and CNN’s Miguel Marquez were compelled to report that 34 percent of Latinos supported Trump’s wall according to a CNN poll.

Both of the reporters looked confused as they highlighted this uncomfortable truth. Marquez highlighted how a majority of Latinos disapprove of Trump’s presidency, however, there are many living along the U.S.-Mexico border who back Trump and believe that there is a “national emergency” at the border. The Latino Trump supporters went as far as to say that they would like the wall to be “doubled” or “tripled”.

A McAllen, Texas resident, Rolando Rodriguez, said he wants a “longer and taller” 2,600-mile border wall. When asked about how much taller the wall should be, Rodriguez responded, “twice as much at least.” In the McAllen resident’s view, the border wall would serve as a barrier against the “bad people.”

Mayra Gutierrez, another Latino for Trump who is in the process of obtaining her citizenship so she can vote for Trump, shared her thoughts with CNN:

We do have a lot of problems here with immigration, and I do support his stance for the wall.

Although Latinos have historically voted for Democrats on a roughly 70-30 percent basis, there is a growing segment of the Latino population that recognizes the need for immigration reform.

Maria Espinoza, the daughter of a Hispanic immigrant who came to the United States legally, leads the Rembrance Project in efforts to combat illegal immigration. Espinoza understand the America’s open borders policies leave it susceptible to criminal activity such as drug smuggling. She made the case for building a wall in an opinion piece for LifeZette:

Finally, the wall must be built. The statistics bear it out. Where fencing and barriers have been constructed, apprehensions of illegal aliens have declines as much as 95 percent.

The recent collapse of Venezuela has had many Hispanic Americans on edge. Some are rightfully concerned that the current open border status quo in America could lead to a fundamental shift in the character of American governance. As a result, a growing number of Latino conservatives recognize the importance of strong borders and an immigration system that attracts people who can contribute to the U.S economy and reinforce our culture of limited government and individual liberties.

Indeed, there are Latino “deplorables” out there and the media would be wise to recognize their existence.

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