‘A Loss of Humanity’: Dr. Scott Atlas Laments Societal Damage Caused by Psychotic COVID Authoritarians

On Wednesday night, Dr. Scott Atlas, former member of White House Coronavirus Task Force, appeared at Michigan State University where he addressed hundreds of students about the disastrous consequences of failed COVID-19 policy.

During the presentation, Dr. Atlas went through dozens of studies showing how COVID-19 lockdowns caused cascading problems that society may never recover from. These include excess deaths, severe mental health issues, economic damage to the poor and lower class, and a permanent divide among the brainwashed and those who have maintained the ability of independent, rational thought.

Before his presentation, Dr. Atlas met privately with patriotic leaders throughout the state – including journalists, gubernatorial candidates, state representatives, student activists, civil liberties attorneys, front-line doctors and others – where he talked candidly about the dire situation facing America.

Dr. Atlas addressed top activists in the state before speaking with students at Michigan State University.

Dr. Atlas, whose book A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America is now for sale, described how his naivety led him into the role of lead skeptic against megalomaniacal government scientists at war with free humanity.

“We are in a world where we can not trust people to be filters any more. We cannot trust people anymore because they have credentials,” Dr. Atlas explained.

After writing several op/eds and researching the issue as a hobby, Dr. Atlas decided he needed to become an expert on the issue in order to push back against the mass insanity that developed in response to COVID-19. This resulted in Dr. Atlas being brought into the White House in July to meet with President Trump, which he believed was his patriotic duty.

Eventually, Trump advisor Jared Kushner asked Dr. Atlas to advise the President. Dr. Atlas said he would do so as long as he could maintain his autonomy and speak his mind, and Kushner told Dr. Atlas that this was why they were bringing him in – to provide an honest, outside perspective desperately needed within the federal bureaucracy. Kushner did warn Dr. Atlas that globalist forces would “destroy him” if he joined the White House. He decided to come on board despite the possible repercussions.

“There’s no one that has been more livid than I have with what I saw in the White House, the gross incompetence, the politicization of everything. These folks on the White House COVID-19 task force, the medical people at least, were grossly incompetent,” Dr. Atlas said.

Dr. Atlas analyzed scientific studies suppressed by the federal establishment while giving his presentation.

Even though he was pilloried in the media, Dr. Atlas was motivated by words of encouragement from peers who were too scared to speak out. He claims major intellectuals, including epidemiologists at Stanford University, were cheering him on and telling him to keep speaking out against the injustices stemming from the COVID-19 regime.

Dr. Atlas explained that entrenched public health bureaucrats within the federal government, including the American Mengele himself, Dr. Anthony Fauci, have held their jobs for decades because of their ability to schmooze and curry favor with the power elite, not due to their scientific prowess.

“We have a very vitriolic, vicious millions and millions of people in this country,” Dr. Atlas said, explaining that far-left psychopaths have gone beyond cancel culture into a culture of Soviet-style terror against their political opposition.

“What we see is a very politically charged country, extremely vicious to anyone who disagrees with them, and a university system in complete disarray,” Dr. Atlas continued, adding that many university teachers and administrators need to be “fired” for unethical and immoral behavior.

Atlas said that the U.S. is falling behind other countries, particularly European countries, in terms of their COVID-19 response. There is far more resistance to COVID edicts in Europe than America, for example. He believes Americans are more rabid and propagandized than people in other countries, with only a handful of exceptions like Canada and Australia.

“We are in a world where people are not even hearing the data. They are not hearing the facts. The facts are being censored,“ he said.

Turning Point USA leaders speak to the auditorium before Dr. Atlas’ presentation.

Dr. Atlas said that the pandemic helped to see the power of totalitarian government and how so many people will respond by submitting to anything they are told, no matter how ridiculous the orders may be.

“This kind of stuff is shocking. There is going to be another pandemic. We always have another crisis on the horizon. People want to bring back lockdowns for global warming, for instance,” Dr. Atlas said.

Dr. Atlas stated that the federal bureaucracy needs to be defanged in order to stop anything like this from happening again.

“I was never for term limits, but I’m for term limits for people who have these appointed positions,” he said.

Dr. Atlas said that there is a cabal or a cartel operating at the federal level that dictates science nationwide, and it ensures that scientific research is tightly controlled and disgustingly unethical.

“The underlying problem here is the National Institutes of Health, one group of people controls science, because they control the funding of science. They control the promotion of science because everyone is reliant on their grant money. They control all the publications,” he explained.

Dr. Atlas is a founding fellow at Hillsdale College’s Academy for Science and Freedom where he is working on a way to revolutionize how science is administered in America in order to liberate science from amoral, power-mad bureaucrats in Washington D.C. However, he warns that any fix will be incredibly difficult to implement because the damage has already been done.

“The solution, first of all, there is no quick solution. The country is in a bad place. We have a severely damaged younger generation. They’re not just fearful, it’s worse. They’re unhealthy. They have psychiatric and psychological disease, and I don’t know if we have seen the tip of the iceberg on that, it’s very sad,” Dr. Atlas explained.

Atlas urged for people on campus to find their spines and be willing to speak up in order to save young people from this evil technocracy that is rapidly gaining momentum.

“I never came into this thinking I would be brave. I wasn’t brave; I was naive, but when I got there, to illustrate the media, it’s a despicable country because of the media. The media of this country is despicable,” he said.

Dr. Atlas had to spend thousands of dollars on security equipment and had police parked in his driveway for many weeks because of threats he received due to media-generated fervor against him.

“There’s been a loss of humanity. There’s been a loss of common decency in this country. It’s not about COVID anymore. We need to get past the behavior that we have now normalized,” he said.

“We have to change the mentality of people to where they have a healthy skepticism of everything, which I finally see developing now,” Dr. Atlas added.

A packed house gathered at Michigan State University to see Dr. Atlas.

Dr. Atlas took questions from activists in attendance where he dispelled mask mandates as being little more than a psychological conditioning ritual meant to compel obedience among the masses.

“The data shows that widespread population masking does not work. That is a fact,” he said, adding that “the masks are proven to not work, including specifically in schools, it is absurd.”

Dr. Atlas credited Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for being a shining example of the type of leadership the country need in order to emerge from this mass insanity.

“What they’ve done here is they have turned the public into assuming that everyone else is dangerous to them. You are hurting them by not believing in the mask,” he said.

“When they make freedom and individual liberty dirty, they are hurting lower income people. They are hurting poor people more than anyone else. And realize this: The people in charge are an elitist group. The lockdowns are a luxury of the rich.” Dr. Atlas added.

The public policy enacted during the pandemic has exacerbated income inequality more than any government-inflicted measure in the history of mankind, and Dr. Atlas believes that is no coincidence. He said that a grassroots uprising is America’s last hope with formerly-trusted institutions being so debauched to their very core.

“There is no solution if people are waiting for the CDC to say we were wrong and the pandemic is over. The solutions need to come from the bottom up. You need to get involved,” Dr. Atlas pleaded.

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