A St. Louis School District Removes “Thin Blue Line” Patch Because It Offends People

Earlier this week, one school distinct in St. Louis, Missouri announced that it will be removing the “thin blue line” patch on sports team’s hats. According to KMOX, the Eureka High School baseball team featured the patch on their hats in 2020. However, Rockwood School District Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles made it clear in a statement that teams are already banned from donning the patch because of local, state and federal policy

“We are obligated as a public entity to refrain from advocating for any particular political group or cause, and having any type of political symbol on our uniforms violates district, state and National Federation of State High School Associations policies,” Miles remarked.

By following these policies, we are not diminishing our support and appreciation for police and all first responders,” he added. “The Rockwood School District absolutely supports the men and women who are our partners in law enforcement.

“We also recognize that the thin blue line represents different things to different people, based upon an individual’s perspective and their unique experiences with law enforcement. Any political or potentially divisive symbol has no place on our uniforms,” Miles commented.

According to KMOX, Mary LaPak, Rockwood’s Director of Communications, claimed that a group of parents and school officials banded together to decide on removing the patch.

Former Republican Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones, who has two children attending the Rockwood School District, expressed his disappointment about the district’s decision to remove the patch.

“Showing support for these men and women is not stating or taking any sort of political position and to claim it is is simply a weak and cowardly excuse,” Jones commented.

This type of authoritarian, unconstitutional action by the administration is unfortunately emblematic of today’s cancel culture attitude and should not be tolerated in a free and open society. The Rockwood School District should reconsider their ill-founded actions immediately.

In the overly politicized America of today, the “thin blue line” has become a symbol of polarization in recent times.

Some individuals believe that the flag is “racist.” As Brianna Lyman of Daily Caller described, this flag “is a black and white rendition of the classic American flag with a thin blue line running under the stars, representing law enforcement.” 

While America has had racial struggles in the past, the country’s political system has been able to adapt and find solutions to the problem. However, the contemporary Left is more fixated on bringing race into every discussion and using it as a mechanism for divisiveness. 

People can hold whatever wacky political opinions they like, but the divisiveness of critical race theory has no place in taxpayer-funded institutions. Any entity that promotes these kinds of narratives should be defunded and discredited in the court of public opinion.

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