A TIME Columnist Fabricated a Trump Quote. A Bunch of Idiot Media People Shared It. Here’s the Full List.

A TIME columnist and New York University professor made up a wild quote Sunday morning, which painted President Donald J. Trump in a bad light. Many members of our esteemed media and political commentary apparatus immediately jumped to share the false quote – which quickly went viral – without verifying that it was real.

“President Trump in Tokyo: ‘Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better President than Sleepy Joe Biden,'” Ian Bremmer said on Twitter.

Only four hours later did Bremmer admit that the quote was a fake, after it had made its way around the internet. He pretended as if he was doing some sort of social experiment, saying the misinformation he intentionally spread was “objectively a completely ludicrous quote,” and that people on Twitter are partisan and will believe whatever fits their worldview. (Gee, thanks for the insight, professor).

“That’s the point,” he said.

Media figures attributing false quotes to Trump is pretty horrid, but worse were the reactions from other media people who were salivating at the opportunity to cast Trump in a negative light.

Here’s a list of the culprits, compiled by Nick Monroe:

Fernand R. Amandi, a political commentator and professor.

“If you still support Trump, it means you also hate the United States,” he said at the risk of painting with a broad brush.

David Lazarus is a columnist for the Los Angeles Times and KTLA, as well as a radio show host.

“Every time you think he can’t stoop lower,” Lazarus said, proving that he’s definitely not a partisan hack.

Jessica Ellis seems to be some kind of producer. I’m not really sure what she does, but Twitter has deemed her enough of a public figure to give her a blue check mark.

“At this point I’m not even mad at him for being a raging fuckhead monster. My fury is reserved for every weak, amoral, pudding-willed Republican continuing to do nothing,” she said, adding in a separate Tweet “There’s a reason we charge accomplices and accessories to crimes.”

Quartz technology editor Mike Murphy got in on the fun, accusing Trump of “treason,” because nobody knows that word means anymore.

Bill Prady is the executive produce of Hollywood sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” who appears to have spent a good amount of time researching what the United Nations had to say about North Korea. In other news, Hollywood’s opinions continue to be useless.

Confirming the level of intelligence of our intelligence services, former CIA spook Emily Brandwin took a crack at Trump.

Jeremy Pond, a self-described “PR Maven” called for Trump’s impeachment.

Virginia Senate candidate, attorney, and social justice dork Qasim Rashid joined the party.

Wall Street Journal writer Farnaz Fassihi jumped in, too.

Digital media attorney and unremarkable blue check-haver Antone Johnson said the Republican party is broken – and then that he had “no words.”

No outrage cycle would be complete without RussiaGate conspiracy theorist and CNN contributor Ana Navarro giving her hysterical take.

Shawn Sebastian, a human rights lawyer (a shocking number of lawyers fell for this hoax) weighed in, and then deleted his take on the situation.

NPR correspondent Pam Fessler noted that Kim Jong Un is a murderer, for those who might have mistakenly thought the dictator is a swell guy.

Professor and former Virginia House Delegate David I. Ramadan said Trump is an “EXTREME.MORON,” which is a perfect illustration of the level of critical though at America’s higher institutions of learning.

Zac Petkanas, former Senior Advisor to Hillary Clinton’s doomed 2016 presidential campaign called for Trump to be removed under the 25th Amendment, saying that Trump is “not in control of his faculties.” This, from a guy who fell for a made up quote.

Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Nebraska’s 2nd District Kara Eastman demonstrated her fitness for the U.S. Congress. Unfortunately, I say that un-ironically.

Author Andy Glockner tried to disqualify Trump from a presidency that he won three years ago. 2016 wants its talking points back.

Dante Atkins, who says he used to work on Capitol Hill and apparently likes spiders – a lot – suggested that Republicans should protest over something that Trump never said.

Then there was Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), who, as Monroe points out, has recently been on his high horse complaining Trump was spreading “misleading” information about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Twitter person Ally Maynard warned of our impending death.

Another Hollywood guy named Tom Ortenberg said that Trump is a “traitor.”

British commentator Adrian Hilton chimed in while the Brexit Party dominated in the United Kingdom’s Sunday elections.

Drew Shiller, a grown man who talks about sports for a living, said Trump is an “embarrassment.”

Finally, “cyber risk researcher” Chris Vickery contributed a cliché “can you imagine if…” scenario.

Mercifully, that is where the list ends.

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