A Child Rapist Who Tortured and Murdered a Special Needs Person is Advising Lawmakers and Academics on Transgender Inmate Rights

A violent child sex predator who raped two 9-year-old girls is giving advice to academics and lawmakers on the topic of transgender inmate rights.

Patricia Elaine Trimble, who was born a male, is a regulator contributor for the Prison Journalism Project (PJP), a non-profit that gives a writing platform to criminals. Trimble noted in the article that “she” prepared a presentation for Missouri University after being contacted by a criminology professor at the school.

“It is not unusual for me to be asked to write an article or story about things in my wheelhouse. I am, after all, a transgender woman, feminist, activist and advocate for the incarcerated LGBTQ+ community,” Trimble wrote.

Trimble’s paper was featured by the LGBTQ Policy Journal at Harvard University in 2019. VICE also featured Trimble in a sympathetic puff piece about transgender criminals locked behind bars. However, the article did not mention why Trimble was incarcerated.

Trimble was convicted in 1978 of viciously raping two 9-year-old girls. Trimble was convicted of using a rope to tie up the two girls after grooming them and gaining their trust. He raped them orally and vaginally in the woods while they were bound.

While incarcerated waiting a verdict on the child rape case, Trimble raped and murdered a developmentally-disabled inmate who he turned into his “slave” before ending his life.

A court document said Trimble “forced the victim to have both oral and anal intercourse with him, compelled him to wear a “bra” around the jail for the entertainment of the other inmates, and forced him at one point to display to the other inmates a rag that had been stuffed into his anus.”

After prostituting the victim out to other inmates and torturing him with burnt shampoo bottles, Trimble strangled him to death with towels. Trimble staged the scene, Jeffrey Epstein-style, in order to make it look like a suicide. Trimble’s plan did not convince authorities, and Trimble was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in 1980. Trimble’s death sentence was commuted in 1985 and reduced to a sentence of life in prison.

Now, thanks to the LGBT agenda, Trimble is considered a hero for equality and is influencing media figures and academics nationwide. Trimble wrote a book, Finding Purpose: One Transgender Woman’s Journey, in which Trimble is described as a “feminist, activist, and advocate for the incarcerated LGBTQ+ community.”

The sad truth is predators across the world are being empowered and mainstreamed because of diversity and tolerance. Civilization will die unless this plague is put down quickly.

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