ABSOLUTE VICTORY: Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko Fends Off Globalist Coup

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is declaring victory after withstanding a color revolution attempt by the globalists, which was led by operatives of infamous leftist oligarch George Soros.

“The blitzkrieg did not succeed. We held on to our country,” Lukashenko said of the coup attempt orchestrated against his people.

“Despite the tensions in society artificially created by external forces, we survived,” he added. “We have to resist at all costs. And 2021, this year, will be decisive.”

Lukashenko came under fire from the globalists for refusing to adhere to COVID-19 mandates. Despite ignoring the advice of public health officials, Belarus has not suffered any major spike in COVID-19 cases. This has flown in the face of the talking points from disgraced Big Pharma shills like Dr. Anthony Fauci. This has resulted in the globalists trying to perform a Gaddafi on Lukashenko.

“If some don’t like 80, let it be 76 or even 68!” he said. “But we won it anyway, we were backed by an overwhelming majority.”

The globalists claimed Lukashenko stole an election despite no evidence proving this claim, and then a bunch of lesbians and homosexuals occupied the streets for months in an attempt to promulgate a revolution against Lukashenko. The people of Belarus were too strong and intelligent to fall for the globalist gambit.

Big League Politics has reported on the freedom enjoyed by the people of Belarus, putting sorry Americans cowed by virus fear to shame, as they celebrate together as a united people:

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko recently held a classy youth ball in Minsk to celebrate the new year where nobody was wearing masks, enraging the COVID submission brigade.

Lukashenko, who is currently at the top of the globalist hit list, could be seen enjoying a dance with a beautiful young woman alongside his fellow countrymen refusing to bow to fear…

Since Lukashenko won re-election in August with an overwhelming 80 percent of the vote, globalist agitators have claimed the election was a fraud and fomented a color revolution of sorts against him. He has steadfastly refused to abdicate his elected position.

“Until the last riot policemen tells me ‘go away,’ I will stand tight in this country shoulder to shoulder with you, because both you and me have nothing besides this country,” Lukashenko said recently while visiting his police special forces unit.

Lukashenko has infuriated the globalists by refusing to submit to the mass hysteria surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. He said that it is “better to die standing on your feet than to live on your knees” while bemoaning the “frenzy and psychosis” pushed by the media on the masses over the virus and suggesting vodka as a remedy.

“I don’t drink but recently I’ve been saying that people should not only wash their hands with vodka but also poison the virus with it,” Lukashenko said.

“You should drink the equivalent of 40-50ml of rectified spirit daily. But not at work,” he added, also suggesting regular sauna visits to combat COVID-19.

Belarus is quickly turning into the model country for the West with Lukashenko standing for the rights of his people against foreign interlopers. Liberal democracy is overrated.

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