Internet BITES BACK At Libs Of The Atlantic For Wanting To Declare ‘Pandemic Amnesty’

Far-left propaganda outlet, The Atlantic, published a weird piece today titled “Let’s Declare A Pandemic Amnesty.” 

As one might expect from such a brazin headline like that, the internet had some thoughts. Especially considering how much was sacrificed over the past 2 years in the name of public safety. 

From the outlet: “We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.”

The article goes on to basically ask to forgive and forget for “not knowing” enough about the pandemic in its initial stages. Even though most of the author’s arguments include topics and issues people would have been labeled a conspiracy theorist for even mentioning during the thick of the pandemic. 

“When the vaccines came out, we lacked definitive data on the relative efficacies of the Johnson & Johnson shot versus the mRNA options from Pfizer and Moderna,” the author states. 

“The mRNA vaccines have won out. But at the time, many people in public health were either neutral or expressed a J&J preference. This misstep wasn’t nefarious. It was the result of uncertainty,” she adds.

The internet had thoughts about this proposed “amnesty.” Highlighting that the same people who pushed for deplatforming, forced injections of an experimental vaccine, and “quarantine camps” for dissenters are now asking for Americans to forgive, forget, shut up, and move on.

All under the guise of it wasn’t as bad as we think we remember. Fortunately, we have receipts. Lots and lots of them.

“Smug libs like those who fill content at the Atlantic were horrifically wrong and vicious about Covid policies. Any intellectual who supported masks should be ashamed. Same with vaxx mandates,” Buck Sexton wrote on Twitter.

“These savages destroyed lives, ruined children, forced the elderly to die alone and not have funerals, and now they want forgiveness,” John Cardillo said.

“You couldn’t hold your dying mother’s hand or give her a real wake or funeral – while George Floyd was paraded around the country in gold casket – and Atlantic magazine wants to know: Can’t you just get over it?” shared host Gerry Callahan.

The blowback to The Atlantic’s article was immense. Showing just how much the internet remembers about the Covid pandemic and its impact on America. 

Then, many old videos began to emerge, showing just how crazy everything truly got in the early stages of the pandemic. Stretching for more than 2 whole years.

For example, the following video resurfaced of a woman being shamed for not wearing a mask in 2020. 

“My son & I were at CVS in Los Angeles, the epicenter of the virus where 1 person is dying every 10 mins from COVID-19 & this woman was refusing to wear a mask & arguing with everyone,” the woman who shared the footage two years ago said on Twitter.

“The selfishness she exhibited was intense. It blew our minds. My 10-yr-old has more sense,” she added. 

“Part II: a healthcare worker who sees overcrowded hospitals tries to reason with her, as do I,” she continued in a follow up tweet.

The libs at The Atlantic want us to forget about how nasty and crazy things got.

Americans shouldn’t let them get the luxury of simply moving on from their abysmal hysteria and “trust the science” reasoning for disrupting so many livelihoods.

The pandemic may be over according to Joe Biden, but many of these draconian measures are still in place thanks to all the lunacy that was birthed circa 2020.

These clowns don’t get a pass just because they suggested one.

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