According to Trial Filings, George Floyd Was Hospitalized for a Drug Overdose in May 2019

New court filings from the defense of fired Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin allege that George Floyd was taken to a Minneapolis hospital for a drug overdose after a May 2019 incident in which he swallowed drugs before a police encounter.

Chauvin’s defense speak of offering evidence suggesting Floyd was treated at the Hennepin County Medical Center for “accidental drug ingestion” in May 2019, which would align with the idea that he swallowed drugs to avoid their detection by police.

Documents obtained by prosecutors recently revealed that Hennepin County Coroner Dr. Andrew Baker would’ve concluded that George Floyd died of a drug overdose during his May arrest, if not for the circumstances of the arrest, in which Derek Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck for several minutes.

Floyd was high on methamphetamine and three different opioids during his fatal arrest.

If Floyd, who has a considerable criminal history including a felony conviction for an armed home invasion robbery in Texas, swallowed drugs to prevent an arrest in 2019, it’s not impossible that he did the same thing in May. The defense’s motion describes Floyd as acting in a hysterical manner and crying, behavior Floyd repeats during video of the infamous May arrest.

The conviction of Officer Derek Chauvin on murder charges against Floyd might not be the easy slam dunk that Black Lives Matter and progressive prosecutors such as Minnesota AG Keith Ellison thought it would be.

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