Accused Domestic Abuser Calls Tucker Carlson a ‘Misogynist Pig,’ Blocks BLP Reporter’s Email Address

Creepy porn lawyer and accused domestic abuser Michael Avenatti un-ironically attacked Fox News host Tucker Carlson as a “misogynist pig” on Thursday morning.

“. – will you allow this bigot and misogynist pig to say anything he wants without any repercussions? First immigrants and now women? should be fired today and any company that continues to advertise on Fox News should pay a very steep price,” he said on Twitter.

Of course, the huckster took Tucker’s quote completely out of context. Whether he even listened to the clip before sending the Tweet is a reasonable question, given his reaction. Here’s what Carlson actually said:

In many areas women suddenly made more than men. Now, before you applaud that as a victory for feminism, consider some of the effects. Study after study has shown that when men make less than women, women generally don’t want to marry them. Now, maybe they should want to marry them, but they don’t. Over big populations this causes a big drop in marriage, a spike in out-of-wedlock births, and all the familiar disasters that inevitably follow -more drug and alcohol abuse, higher incarceration rates, fewer families formed in the next generation. This is not speculation. It’s not propaganda from the Evangelicals. It’s social science. We know it’s true.

Leave it to the political left to be upset over factual information, proven by scientists. That seems rather anti-science to this reporter. Are Democrats science deniers?

Avenatti is likely still upset at Carlson after Avenatti made himself look like a raging lunatic live on air after finally accepting an invitation to be a guest Carlson’s show.

In any case, Avenatti is perhaps not the moral leader that the political left needs, given his recent arrest for domestic violence. The incident, as described by his ex-girlfriend in a sworn statement, was reported in the New York Times

After the alleged verbal abuse, Ms. Miniutti said, she went to a guest bedroom in the apartment she says they shared to sleep alone. But Mr. Avenatti followed her, according to the declaration, and eventually began “forcefully” hitting her in the face with pillows.

Ms. Miniutti alleges that Mr. Avenatti then “grabbed my right arm and dragged me out of the bed.”

“He dragged me on the floor of the apartment towards and out of the door into the public hallway,” she wrote in the declaration. “I was wearing only my underwear and a T-shirt at the time, and suffered scratches to the bare skin on my side and leg.”

Mr. Avenatti then pulled Ms. Miniutti back into the apartment and initially blocked the door, the declaration says. Ms. Miniutti said she was eventually able to get around Mr. Avenatti and leave the apartment, but he followed her into an elevator, where she says he “repeatedly begged, ‘Don’t do this Mareli, don’t involve them.’”

This reporter reached out to Avenatti to ask him whether he thought he should be speaking for the political left on the issue of women’s rights, given the recent allegations against him, only to find that Avenatti had blocked my email address.

The block comes in the wake of my story on Avenatti’s prediction that Donald Trump Jr. would be indicted for unspecified crimes by Dec. 31. After reaching out to him for comment, he replied, calling me an “idiot.”

It is perhaps for the best that Avenatti decided not to run for president. If his skin is so thin that he cannot answer a few simple questions from a reporter, imagine how he would have performed in front of political adversaries continuously applying the heat.

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