Actor James Cromwell: “There will be blood in the streets”

We need a return to civility and civic discourse. That’s an oft repeated phrase parrated by Democrats and their allies in the Mainstream media. Now a member of the globalist Hollywood class is threatening political violence.

Globalist actor James Cromwell told Variety Magazine that we are living in an age of “nascent Facisim”. As if this allegation wasn’t enough he proceeded to threaten civil war if his political class looses the midterms.

Cromwell continued “If we don’t stop President Trump now, then we will have a revolution for real. Then there will be blood in the streets.”

To be clear, we now have an actor and member of the establishment threatening violence and war if he dosn’t get his way. This is the latest manifestation of Trump derangement Syndrome.

In an unAmerican diatribe, the veneer Of civility was removed and replaced with the reality that the Hollywood class does not wish for civility but rather have their way or the highway. Needless to say the voters will have our say on Election Day and we will not be told who to vote for by the establishment class.

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