Actress Megan Fox Brags About Sending Her Sons to “Vegan School”

People Magazine reported that Actress Megan Fox and her husband are sending their three sons “an organic, sustainable, vegan school.”

At this school, they are taught that plants have “feelings, thoughts and emotions.”

“We send them to an organic, sustainable, vegan school where they’re seed-to-table, they plant their own food,” the Transformers star told People magazine while attending a charity event with her husband last Monday, December 9, 2019. “They grow it, they harvest it and they take it to local restaurants to sell it, so they understand how all of that works.”

“I’m very specific about never harming animals,” added Fox. “We don’t step on ants; we don’t do things like that. We don’t rip flowers out of the ground, because we think they’re beautiful. I teach them that plants are sentient beings — they have feelings, thoughts and emotions — so that’s what we’re doing.”

Fox remembered one time where one of her sons accidentally stepped on a bug, which then prompted the family to hold a funeral for it.

“My son accidentally stepped on a roly-poly once and he was devastated, and we had a full funeral for it,” the actress recalled. “We did a ceremony, we buried it, we lit sage, we released him back. So they’re very involved.”

Brian Austin Green, an actor and Fox’s husband, told People that he and Fox encourage their sons to be “whoever they are.”

“We don’t encourage them to be themselves, we just encourage whoever they are,” Green said. “I know for me, [the more time passes,] the more I really realize and am okay with the fact that they are people.”

Fox expanded on the couple’s parenting approach: “It’s about releasing control, right? That’s all it is. It’s [about] allowing them to be who they are and relinquishing control, because they were born to be who they are, and it’s my job to support that process, not to get involved and micromanage and mold them into what I think they should be,” she said.

“It’s [about] being of that mindset of realizing that they come as the teachers to us,” Fox continued. “We’re here to keep them alive, but we’re learning all the lessons from them.”

Hollywood has been at the forefront of political correctness culture in America.

The new battles in the PC wars are now branching into people’s diets, where many meat eaters are being shamed for their activity.

While people are free to choose their diets, the growing popularity of plant-based diets and their close-connections to global warming causes should raise eyebrows.

Soon, we could be witnessing legislation that attacks meat consumption in order to allegedly prevent global warming.

When the PC floodgates are wide open, any kind of legislative lunacy is possible.

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