Actress Pleads Guilty to Coercing Women to Join NXIVM Sex Cult

Actress Allison Mack leaves Brooklyn federal court Monday, April 8, 2019, in New York. Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering charges on Monday in a case involving a cult-like group based in upstate New York. The trial is expected to detail sensational allegations that the group, called NXIVM, recruited sex slaves for its spiritual leader, Keith Raniere.(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

A former star actress on the show “Smallville” entered a guilty plea on racketeering and conspiracy charges in federal court Monday in relation to her time as a member of the NXIVM sex cult.

“Through it all, I believed that Keith Raniere’s intention was to help people. I was wrong,” Allison Mack said of the cult.

The racketeering charges relate to Mack’s coercion of unsuspecting people to join Raniere’s sex cult. She was known as a recruiter for NXIVM.

“Mack, who was initially charged with sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, and forced labor, reversed her initial not guilty plea and admitted to one count of racketeering conspiracy and one count of racketeering,” according to a BuzzFeed report.

The victims of Raniere’s cult were allegedly starved and branded with a cult tattoo.

“I’m here to plead guilty before your honor,” Mack said in court. “I must take full responsibility for my conduct. I am very sorry for my role in this case. I am very sorry to my family and to the good people I hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings.”

The story if the cult has implications for the 2020 presidential race. The father of a U.S. Senator and 2020 candidate worked for NXIVM.

Big League Politics reported:

Kirsten Gillibrand’s lobbyist father Doug Rutnik was employed by the NXIVM sex cult, according to court documents.

Former NXIVM employee Frank Parlato provided Big League Politics with copies of the court documents in NXIM’s suit against Rutnik, which prove Rutnik’s employment by the group. (READ THE FULL DOCUMENTS HERE).

“I worked as the publicist,” Frank Parlato told Big League Politics. “We ran into a major disagreement and we split. At the time I worked for them I thought they were a little peculiar but it wasn’t until the end that I realized they were a downright evil group.”

“There are women on the record who are now adults who have accused Raniere of statutory rape and there are some very suspicious incidents where Mexican girls came under the perimeters of Raniere’s control and left under suspicious circumstances. They came from Chihuahua Mexico. I reported this to the authorities,” Parlato said.

“Her father Doug Rutnik came to work as a consultant for NXIVM…he was fired, they sued him, and he had to pay them $100,000,” Parlato said, referring Gillibrand’s father.

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