Adam Kinzinger Endorses Senate Campaign of Notorious Grifter Who Stiffed Vendors for Hundreds of Thousands in 2016

Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger has endorsed the Utah US Senate campaign of Evan McMullin, a controversial political figure known for stiffing vendors for hundreds of thousands of dollars he owed as a result of a failed 2016 presidential campaign.

Kinzinger, fresh off of joining Democrats to censure Arizona conservative Congressman Paul Gosar, openly endorsed McMullin on Thursday.

Staffers affiliated with McMullin’s independent 2016 campaign have come forward with accounts of the former CIA operative’s fiscal negligence, billing vendors and contractors for sums that have amounted to nearly $700,000. McMullin has never paid the massive sum back.

It’s very difficult for companies to collect debts from political campaigns after elections conclude. In addition to the whopping sum owed to vendors, McMullin declined to pay his campaign staff- much of whom have families and children- money they were promised, riding off into the sunset as a neocon Never Trump political commentator and regularly appearing on corporate news broadcasts as the staffers who helped him rise to prominence were left in the lurch.

McMullin continues to tout his supposed integrity and principles, conveniently ignoring and deflecting questions and inquiries related to his outstanding debts from 2016. He’s hit Utah Senator Mike Lee on a supposed lack of ethics on numerous occasions, a rich claim from the political gadfly who took advantage of contractors and employees to promote himself as a cable news celebrity. Kinzinger is yet to comment on the allegations of fraud against McMullin.

The Federal Elections Commission continues to list a debt of $644,913 stemming from McMullin’s campaign.

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