AFL-CIO President Admits Biden Economic Policies Will ‘Cost Jobs’, Laments Ending of Keystone XL Pipeline

AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka is lamenting the Biden administration’s shuttering of the Keystone XL Pipeline, a move that he admits will kill jobs for American workers.

Trumka made the admission during an appearance on “Axios on HBO” that aired over the weekend. His union campaigned hard for Biden despite President Trump making strides for workers that no president had made in generations.

The full clip can be seen here:

“I wish [Biden] hadn’t done that on the first day,” Trumka said of Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline contract immediately after seizing office.

“It did and will cost us jobs in the process,” he explained. “I wish he had paired that more carefully with the thing that he did second by saying, ‘Here’s where we’re creating jobs. We can do mine reclamation. We can fix leaks. We can fix seeps and create hundreds of thousands of jobs doing that stuff.’”

“You think Biden realizes that was a mistake, that announcement?” asked reporter Jonathan Swan of Axios.

“I think so, yes,” Trumka replied. In actuality, Biden can no longer form coherent opinions in his current mental state. He bumbles through a script of talking points prepared by his leftist pro-China advisors.

Trumka stated that he believes Biden must kill jobs while telling the American public that “it will be paired with job creation that will be greater than the number of jobs lost.” With economic insights such as these, it’s no surprise that unions in America have done nothing to protect the nation from being sold out to the highest bidder.

Big League Politics has reported about the job-killing impact of Biden’s policies since long before last year’s election, giving Trumka no excuse for shilling for the man:

Tonight Democrats in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington State voted on who their choice will be to be the Democrat Nominee for President to face President Trump in November’s General Election.

Former Vice President Joe Biden who went into the night with a small delegate lead over Senator Bernie Sanders looks to take a commanding lead in the delegate count by the end of the night according to most political projections.

This projected nomination of Biden becomes a dilemma for many voting blue collar workers in a general election as many of them have deep conflict with him, and may not believe that he is best for them, their families, and the nation.

Yesterday workers at a Biden event in Detroit held up large banners and signs that read “NAFTA Killed Our Jobs”, a reminder that as a U.S. Senator Joe Biden supported NAFTA, the very NAFTA that shut down eighty thousand American factories and depressed wages for nearly two decades.

Today Biden belittled an auto worker after by saying he was “full of sh*t” and “a horse’s ass” after the auto worker questioned Biden’s policies on the Second Amendment.  Just a week ago Biden said he would put anti-gun and failed presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke at the helm of his gun policy if elected to the Oval Office.

Another avenue of dilemma may come from Biden’s declared war on the gas and oil industry, in December he proudly stated that he “would be willing to sacrifice up to hundreds of thousands of jobs [in the oil and gas industry] if it meant transitioning to a green economy”.

Reports show that just over ten million Americans have high wage jobs in the oil and gas industry.

Trumka sold out the American people again. Unions care more about protecting their crony Democrat connections than what is best for the American worker.

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