After 32 Years of Trying, Joe Biden Finally Wins a Presidential Primary

Joe Biden has been projected as the winner of the South Carolina Democratic primary, providing a boost to the struggling campaign of the former Vice President.

Biden was projected as the winner of the primary by several media outlets on Saturday night. Initial returns from the Palmetto State show Biden winning the state in resounding fashion, suggesting that his margin of victory may breathe a further amount of life into his campaign.

The win by the once-impenetrable frontrunner of the Democratic party field staves off a quick Bernie Sanders victory, and possibly unifies Democrats who oppose nominating the democratic socialist behind Vice President Biden.

Joe Biden has run for President three times over the course of his political career, having previously served as a Senator from Delaware. He’s never won a primary or caucus before, making the South Carolina victory the first instance he’s won a state outright.

Biden’s strong support from Black voters proved crucial in his victory. South Carolina is the first southern state to vote in the primary, and it’s the first state with a majority of Black Democrats- a constituency that will likely prove critical over the course of the contest.

Biden is hoping for a considerable media boost in light of his victory. However, Super Tuesday will occur this week, and as of Saturday, the former Vice President has barely campaigned in the states, which will feature 40% of the Democratic electorate, including both California and Texas.

Should Biden put up a strong Super Tuesday performance, a horse race between the legacy Democrat and the upstart Vermont socialist could prove in the cards. But if Sanders wins both California and Texas, it’s looking likely that the Democratic Party will have chosen their nominee.

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