After Months of Bashing America, NeoCon Rick Wilson Praises ‘Slave State’ Qatar

Alleged conservative Rick Wilson, a formerly relevant commentator who has been relegated to the likes of MSNBC and CNN after several years of bashing Trump and the America that he serves, had some interesting comments about Qatar, which he visited over the weekend.

“It’s been a real pleasure attending the #DohaForum this year,” he said on Twitter. “Qatar is a stunning, vibrant nation.”

Wilson has not praised the United States in this manner in years, to be sure. But Qatar, which is a bona fide slave state guilty of human rights violations and inequality unimaginable in the Western world garnered Wilson’s affection.

According to Human Rights Watch, Qatar’s “penal code does not criminalize domestic violence or marital rape.” The law in Qatar dictates that it is a woman’s responsibility to “look after the household and to obey her husband.” Sodomy is a crime punishable by up to three years in prison. Sex outside of marriage is punishable by flogging – or the death penalty if one has sex outside of marriage with a non-Muslim.

Stunning and vibrant!

Not to mention that whole forced-labor-to-build-stadiums-for-the-world-cup thing, which has been equated to modern slavery.

Despite that, Rick Wilson loves Qatar. On the contrary, he’s been fairly critical of the freest and most prosperous nation on earth ever since President Donald J. Trump was elected.

“Breaking for lunch at the #DohaForum,” he Tweeted. “The scope of how far respect and regard for America has fallen due to you-know-who can hardly be overstated.”

You mean America has lost respect among the barbarians in Qatar? Stop the presses! Rick Wilson is convulsing!

“The Trump/Hegseth interview looks for all the world like a WWE/MMA event. That’s us, America.” he said snottily in another Tweet.

How dare us filthy middle American simpletons enjoy such sport as wrestling and martial arts, the elitist opined.

He called the #MAGA movement (63 million plus Americans) a “horror story:”

No such criticisms for the Qatari’s.

“Have you seen America lately?” he asked in response to whether Americans were stupid.

Such commentary can only be found from the displaced coastal elite who have been left behind by Republicans and will never be accepted by Democrats. They are truly a pathetic bunch.

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