Ajit Pai Hilariously Sets Fire To Leftist’s Mentions

The Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission, known for being an online jokester, hilariously clowned a mouthy Twitter user Tuesday.

“The FCC is monitoring #HurricaneFlorence and stands ready to assist public safety entities and communications providers as the storm draws closer. Also, we’ve launched a page where you can get info on outages, where to get help, and more,” Ajit Pai Tweeted.

A troll decided to weigh in, saying “Nobody wants to hear from you.”

Pai fired right back.

“You do, apparently,” he said attaching a screenshot:

The screenshot shows the user following Pai.

Kevin Mac is a self-described “Writer, Filmmaker, Bacon baker, Former Police Officer & Investigator and UCLA alum” who also holds a “PhD in Sarcasm.”

The PhD did not help him against Pai.

Pai is well known for his antics, despite holding the rather mundane title of head of the FCC. He uploaded a video openly mocking the hysterics of people who freaked out over the end of net neutrality last year, and hilariously sipped coffee from an oversized Reese’s mug during a question and answer session broadcasted on CSPAN.

It is encouraging to see Pai in good spirits, even as he serves an administration that constantly dragged through the mud and slandered by mainstream press.


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