Roy Moore Wins Alabama Primary


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The Alabama primary results are coming in and we are live blogging them. Polls close at 8 p.m. Eastern. This is the special election to replace Senator Jeff Sessions, who is now the Attorney General.  The general election is on December 12, and the winner of this run-off will face Doug Jones, a former United States attorney, who is the Democratic Party nominee. While the media portrayed the race as a fight between President Trump and his own base, represented by Steve Bannon, Sarah Palin, and others, many voters view this as a battle between a candidate supported by Mitch McConnel, and what they see as the political swamp, and the MAGA coalition.

Whoever wins is likely to beat the Democrat. An Emerson College poll indicated that both candidates were roughly 4% ahead of the Democrat, but Doug Jones has had an easy primary, while both Moore and Strange have had a long, drawn campaign, of which this is the second round, from some fairly hard-hitting advertising going back and forth. In short, the Democrat enjoy the benefit of being relatively unknown with the partisans for either of these Republican candidates still feeling hostile toward the other candidate,

President Trump won Alabama with 62.1% of the vote. Despite the political prognosticators, it remains unlikely the Democrat can win against either men once the general election campaign begins.

For our live blog we are going to make entries from the top, down. The most recent post will be at the bottom, showing the chronological order of updates.

8 p.m. Eastern (all times in Eastern)- Polls have closed. So far, no irregularities or voting issues have been reported.

8:07 p.m.- First results in are from Coffee County, just a few votes, shows 45 votes for Moore and 24 for Strange, but first batch from Mobile shows Strange at 169 versus Moore’s 142.

8:29 Results are coming in slowly, it’s 491 to 384 in favor of Roy Moore.

8:34 p.m.- 24 of 2,286 precincts in, Moore 2224, Strange 1684.

8:39 p.m.- Jefferson County is now trickling in. Strange won Birmingham in the first round, so this is a place to watch.

8:42 p.m.- with almost 60% of Limestone in, in that County it’s 3767 versus 2643 in favor of Roy Moore. Ths is in the north of Alabama where Moore hopes to do well. Mo Brookes had won that county in the first round

8:47 p.m.- It’s 20,982 (56.5%) to 16,141 (43.5%) for Moore with 7% in. Limestone, which gave Moore only 30% in round one, is at 59% for him now with 89% in.

8:53 p.m.- Most of Strange’s strong areas have either reported little or not at all. These included Jefferson and Shelby Counties in the center of the state, Hale and Sumter Counties in the mid west of the state, and Baldwin County in the south.

9:01 p.m. Roy Moore 36,134 (58.1%)  Luther Strange 26,072 (41.9%) with 13% in. Limestone is 100% in and gave Moore 58.7% to 41.3%, thus showing that Strange only picked up 37.6% of Brookes’ voters.

9;07 p.m. —

9:18 p.m. With the exit poll and the numbers from Limestone County, which was next to where the Trump rally for Strange took place, it would seem the race strongly favors Moore.


That about calls it.

The statement from SLF released at 8:10 p.m. CST:

“We are proud to have fought alongside President Trump and the NRA in support of a dedicated conservative who has loyally supported this President and his agenda. Senator Strange can hold his head high knowing that he played a critical role in cleaning up the corruption in Montgomery, confirming President Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court, and strongly supporting the President’s priorities on border security and repealing Obamacare. While we were honored to have fought hard for Big Luther, Judge Roy Moore won this nomination fair and square and he has our support, as it is vital that we keep this seat in Republican hands.”