Alarming Numbers of Foreigners are Committing Crimes Across France

According to France’s Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin revelations, foreigners were responsible for 48% of criminal acts in Paris. In cities like Marseille and Lyon, those numbers were 55% and 39%, respectively.

John Cody of Remix News observed that these numbers are even more shocking when taking into account “that only 7.4 percent of France’s population is foreign-born, meaning foreigners account for an enormously outsized role in crime in some of France’s biggest population centers.”

“48 percent of people arrested for acts of delinquency in Paris, 55 percent in Marseille, and 39 percent in Lyon are foreigners. In France, foreigners represent 7.4 percent of the population,” declared Darmanin. “Of course, the foreigner is not by nature a criminal. But we have a problem with foreign delinquency.”

In a similar vein, data from France’s public transport system of Île-de-France found that foreigners made up 63% of the individuals arrested for sexual assault and 92% for petty theft. 

Crime has generally been on the uptick in the last two decades, as murders have risen by 91% since 2001. In that period, millions of migrants, largely from the Middle East, have settled down in France. Due to this migration, France has the largest Muslim population in France per data from Pew Research. 

Regardless of the problems that mass migration has brought to France, Darmanin believes that restricting immigration is not an answer. Curiously, many French citizens (60%) believe that the country can’t absorb additional immigrants. 

“A foreigner who commits an act of serious delinquency must be expelled very quickly because he spits on the ground that welcomes him. I know that common-sense French people, those of the working and middle classes, agree with that, whether their name is Robert or Mohamed,” he asserted.

Like most of the West, France is experiencing a civilizational crisis thanks to its ruling class’ mass migration experiment. The stakes are high in this case. Not only are unassimilable migrants creating many social and economic problems, continued flows of migrants will lead to the disappearance of French civilization and the broader West. 

At some point, people have to start thinking beyond boosting the GDP and promoting diversity for diversity’s sake. A nation is more than just an economic opportunity zone.

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