Alaska State Rep. David Eastman Fights ‘Radical Marxists’ Weaponizing ‘the Judicial Branch’ to Throw Him From Office

Alaska State Representative David Eastman, a conservative Republican representing Wasilla, is fighting to keep his elected seat against a legal proceeding that aims to disenfranchise voters and boot him from office.

Because Eastman once supported the Oath Keepers, a controversial constitutional rights’ organization whose members were allegedly involved in violence during the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol protest, he is being targeted by judicial overreach. The courts are looking to eject him from office and replace him with the second-highest vote getter, who only received 27 percent of the vote in the midterm election.

It is being argued in the court of law that Eastman “advocates the overthrow by force or violence of the United States or of a State” because he supported the Oath Keepers, a specious rationale that is being exploited in a partisan attempt to reverse an election.

“Defending the rights of We The People to elect who represents our best interests in public office is an extremely important battle. The Northern Justice Project has brought this battle today by pursuing this fraudulent lawsuit to overturn the ballot box,” Eastman said in a press release.

“This suit is perhaps the most brazen attempt yet to weaponize the judicial branch against conservative voters and candidates. The ballot box is a last line of defense for many. If Americans lose their voice at the ballot box, every facet of our government that has been built on the consent of the people comes crashing down,” he added.

Because Eastman gave a donation to the Oath Keepers over 12 years ago and became a “lifetime member” with his one-time contribution, left-wing attorneys are trying to paint him as a seditionist and boot him from office. This is an affront to the constitution and makes a mockery of the democratic process.

“Elections should be determined by the ballot, not the bench. If the radical Marxists behind this lawsuit succeed, voters will be told that if they vote for candidates who are conservative they risk a judge stepping in after the election to choose a candidate that is more acceptable to the political establishment,” Eastman said.

“That’s what they have asked the judge to do in this case, which is an unconscionable assault upon the Constitution and the right of the people to direct the policies and affairs of their own government. The precedents established by this case will be with us for years to come,” he added.

The court case can be followed here.

There already have been individuals banned from serving office for life for protesting election fraud in and around the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. That precedent is bad enough. If Eastman is booted from office for being tangentially affiliated with a group whose members have allegedly been involved in criminality, it is proof that the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol protest was more than justified, and American elections are little more than a perfunctory third-world farce.

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