Alex Jones Calls for Trump to Issue ‘Death Warrants’ in Response to Chinese ‘Weaponized Pneumonia’

InfoWars host Alex Jones is fed up with tyranny, and he has developed an unquenchable blood lust as a result of his righteous indignation.

“You don’t play games with this stuff. Kill the Chinese spies! Kill them now! I want them dead! No more games! I want Trump to issue death warrants now against all these people. I want them killed. I want them dead now,” Jones exclaimed during a recent edition of his titular program.

Jones admitted that the fake news media would come down hard on him for making such a statement, but he doesn’t care anymore. The red-blooded Texan has nothing left to lose.

“I will not sit here and watch this country gang raped and the planet gang raped while we b*tch and complain that some old people might die of a weaponized pneumonia,” Jones said.

“Sorry! The ChiComs with the deep state launched it. Now, I’m not going to kill anybody because that’s not my job. I’m just saying: When you sell bioweapons-sequencing systems, you get your neck broken,” he added.

Jones believes that the Trump administration should take “covert action” to deal with those responsible for the Wuhan plague off the books.

“They’ll do that with the Mexican Mafia or MS-13 and give them an acid bath. Why aren’t we taking the gloves off and sending in the Army and the Marines to kill these people?” Jones asked.

“Kill them! Kill them now!” he added.

Jones firmly believes that the coronavirus is a Chinese bioweapon, which has not yet been proven. The fake news media is starting to admit now that the coronavirus likely came from a pathogen research lab in Wuhan after claiming first that it was a conspiracy theory.

“Why are we going to sit here and take bio attacks against our country? Why are we going to sit here and take an economic warfare attack with Democrats smiling like the cheshire cat of what they just did to us?” he asked.

Jones finished his rant with a plea to President Donald Trump, who has appeared on his show and been laudatory of the populist talk show personality in the past.

“So I’m going to tell the President again: You’re in a fight for your life. I’m in a fight for my life. America is. No more games. Take Hollywood over, the ChiComs already did. Take the Federal Reserve over, the globalists have control of it. Take control of the country and restore the Republic now,” he said.

“George Washington would have a stack of death warrants two feet tall… And when he’s done kicking ass, he goes back to the farm. That’s what we want. So, the President needs to do his job and launch covert direct action now. Kill the enemy, President Trump! Kill them!” he said to conclude his blustering.

The entire rant can be seen here:

As Jones is attacked by overreaching bureaucrats at the state and federal level, he refuses to dial his activities back whatsoever. He is “all in” regarding his war against the new world order, which has reached a fevered pitch during the Trump era.

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