Alexander Lukashenko Claims Ukraine is Using Every Excuse Possible to Draw NATO Into the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict 

On December 1, 2022,  Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko declared that Ukraine is using every excuse imaginable to ensnare NATO into the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

Lukashenko’s comments came during a time when Belarus claims to see an increase in military provocations close to its border.

“All law enforcement agencies note an increase in the number of provocations near the state border. Ukraine is most likely trying to use every excuse to get the troops of NATO member states involved in the conflict. All this is confirmed by the recent missile crash on the territory of Poland,” Lukashenko said during a meeting with military and security officials, per a report from BelTA news service.

The president claimed Belarus is capable of deterring the potential enemy from using military force against it.

“So far, we have been able to deter the potential enemy from using military force against Belarus,” Lukashenko stated.

He stressed the need to “constantly monitor, see and not miss – not to miss by any means – any signs that would indicate direct preparation for aggression against the country.”

He claimed that the nations of the Collective West continue building up the military capacity of their armed forces, modernizing infrastructure on the territory of neighboring NATO member states and strategic partners, and increasing the intensity of combat training and operational activities.

“All this leads to an escalation of the already complex military-political situation around our country and in the region as a whole,” he stated.

The president claimed “the fugitive opposition’s calls for the seizure of power by force and terrorist attacks on the territory of Belarus are being heard with increasing frequency.” 

“Some of these fugitives are not just traitors, but absolute extremists. I can’t call them anything else. They openly, without shame, call for strikes on targets on the territory of our country. They even forget that their relatives live on the territory of Belarus,” Lukashenko concluded.

Lukashenko is clearly in the Eurasian camp now. After playing geopolitical footsie with Russia and the West ever since he assumed office in 1994, Lukashenko is now firmly in the Eurasian camp given the woke West’s full-fledged hostility towards countries who don’t bow down to its liberal hegemonic agenda.

Belarus will continue to assume its heel role as the battle lines become clearer in the prolonged conflict between the Eurasian authoritarian regimes and the Collective West.

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