All Eyes Are On Hunter Biden Even After WH Declares Its Cocaine Culprit Will ‘Unlikely’ Be Found

If you thought Joe Biden’s White House couldn’t get any more disgraceful – buckle up.

Per reports, a bag of cocaine was found on the White House premise. More specifically in the library.

The internet is already asking the most obvious question: Where’s Hunter Biden?

While the media and law enforcement continues to pretend that the cocaine was not Hunter’s, a now-viral clip of the President’s son has Americans face palming over the sheer degeneracy of this administration.


When one considers the amount of security involved with getting into the White House, it is hard to fathom some random tourist was able to smuggle the drug onto the premise without detection.

Hunter, on the other hand, has the privileged access he would need to pull of such a stupid brain-dead stunt like this one.

He was even reportedly on the premises just days prior to the finding.

The discovery came two days after Hunter, 52, was last seen at the White House as he headed to Camp David with his father for the long holiday weekend.

Monday reporting by mainstream media outlets made it sound like this bag of cocaine was, perhaps, thrown over the White House gates, or something. And those reports were written to make the public believe and see the whole debacle as part of some crazy July 4th weekend festivities gone overboard.

Nothing pointed to the drug being found inside the White House – let alone the library, which is monitored by 24-hour surveillance – but the internet still had its (warranted) suspicions.

After all, this story was fishy from the start.

Viewing Hunter as the culprit, especially when he was on-site days prior, is far from a coincidence at this point. Obviously.

Thanks to reporting from WaPo and the DailyMail, it is now clear that the bag of coke was found two floors underneath the president’s residence. So why hasn’t the Secret Service been able to identify and inform the public yet?

One thing is for certain though, if the bag of cocaine was, in fact, Hunter’s, then there is likely a recording of the incident somewhere to be found.

Perhaps the Secret Service ought to check Hunter’s laptop again.

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