Amash: Rallying to Impeach Trump is ‘More Important’ Than Passing Legislation in Congress

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) explained the legislative philosophy that he has adhered to throughout his years in Congress during a constituent town hall yesterday in Grand Rapids, and it’s arguably as stunning as his impeachment push.

Amash actually believes that he’s more successful than his peers despite never getting any legislation passed.

After receiving a question asking him to prove that he has “done things” while in Congress, Amash was unable to give any concrete examples. He instead explained that his message – the core of which is now arguing in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump – is what matters, not his actual achievements.

“I’ve spent a lot of time on civil liberties issues, particularly FISA reform and Section 215, which is the metadata collection,” Amash said, despite the fact that he is supporting the biggest FISA abuse in history by pushing the Russian collusion hoax and the illegal spying that underlined the investigation.

Amash gave himself credit for introducing bills and taking them to the House floor for debates before admitting that none of them have ever passed.

“We’ve had a lot of those contests, and yes, we have come out on the bottom,” Amash said.

He blamed a conspiracy of Republicans and Democrats working in tandem to make sure that he fails at getting anything accomplished in real terms as a Congressman.

“I think that it’s a false premise to assume that because a member of Congress passed a particular piece of legislation or is… getting their amendments on the floor that that member of Congress is accomplishing a lot,” Amash said.

He explained that his true value is getting his message out, which includes supporting Democratic-led efforts to impeach Trump despite the fact that he was ultimately cleared of any Russian collusion by the Mueller report.

“I think more important than any of that is having a member of Congress who’s talking about partisanship, talking about the issues that matter, trying to inform the public about what’s going on,” Amash said.

He believes that his social media posts and other sanctimonious diatribes are what’s truly important, not so much actually getting things accomplished for his constituents.

“I can get a message out there that resonates with people here and across the country… and that’s more important than any legislative thing than I can do in Congress,” Amash explained.

Amash has been working overtime getting his message out to the public in recent weeks, and it has been almost solely focused on ginning up support to impeach Trump.

After FBI spook Robert Mueller announced his special counsel investigation was completed earlier today with no evidence produced showing Trump being guilty of any Russian collusion, Amash still supports Congress taking action to impeach the President.

Instead of working to get legislation passed, Amash will continue to use his Congressional seat as a bully pulpit to undermine his own political party’s chances at retaining the presidency heading into 2020.

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