Amazon Goes Full Big Brother by Installing Thermal Imaging Camera at Warehouse

Amazon is setting up thermal cameras at warehouses all over the nation to detect employees with feverish conditions in efforts to better screen potential carriers of the Wuhan virus per a report from  Reuters.

These new cameras measure the level of heat individuals emit relative to their surroundings, according to what Amazon workers relayed to Reuters. The same account noted that the new screening process is a much quicker method to detecting the Wuhan virus than forehead thermometers.

“We implemented daily temperature checks in the locations of our operations as an additional preventative measure to support the health and safety of our employees who continue to provide a critical service in our communities,” Amazon spokesperson Kristen Kish informed The Verge via an email statement. 

“We are now implementing the use of thermal cameras for temperature screening to create a more streamlined experience at some of our sites,” Kish stated.

At some warehouse entrances, screening tents have also been set up. Thermal cameras are expected to be installed at Amazon’s Wholefood stores.

Several employees revealed that if the cameras detected someone, they will be subject to a second round of checks via a thermometer to determine if they are showing signs of the Wuhan virus.

Amazon’s newly unveiled procedures come during a time when 50 warehouse employees in the U.S. caught the virus.

Zerohedge recently reported that Amazon employees launched various strikes at a New York Amazon warehouse, who urged the company to shut down the facility for disinfecting after a number of employees became ill.

According to one warehouse employee in Los Angeles, a screening line “wrapped around the facility one day.” After installing thermal cameras, the line disappeared as the process became more streamlined.

Amazon has taken proactive measures to distribute masks and gloves to employees as the company works to disinfect work facilities. According to other reports, the company is developing a testing lab to test employees for the Wuhan virus.

Zerohedge previously covered how corporate entities are using the virus to ramp up surveillance in the workplace. Jeff Bezos and co. are just catching up to this nationwide trend.

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