Amazon: ‘Make America Great Again’ Incites Hate, Communist Manifesto Doesn’t

Amazon banned a pro-Trump coffee brand from advertising on its website due to the potential for the “Make America Great Again” slogan to incite hate, but allows sponsored advertisements of the Communist Manifesto.

Covfefe Coffee, a pro-Trump coffee brand, received a message from Amazon indicating they are now not allowed to advertise their coffee on the website due to the presence of the “Make America Great Again”  slogan on its merchandise.

According to correspondence from Amazon, provided to Big League Politics by Covfefe Coffee, Amazon now requires the company to remove, in the company’s words, “‘Make America Great Again’ and any type of profanity of hatred inciting text”, and any other material on the ads that could be perceived as political advocacy.

The email from Amazon suggested this is the company’s standard policy, however, research reveals Amazon allows numerous radical leftist publications to advertise on its website.

The Communist Manifesto, the book explaining the political ideology responsible for the deaths of over 100 million in a single century, is advertised in paperback on the website.

Additionally, Bernie Sanders’ new book, Where We Go From Here: Two Years in the Resistance, is allowed to advertise on Amazon, as is Trevor Noah’s book of commentary on tweets by President Donald Trump. Ironically, in spite of Amazon supposedly forbidding political advertisements, both books are listed under Politics by the website.

Last month, I reported for Big League Politics that Amazon banned Covfefe Coffee’s advertisements for using the American flag:

Amazon considers use of the flag a violation of its rules against advocating political parties, candidates, or causes.

After speaking to Big League Politics, Covfefe Coffee provided several emails showing Amazon describe the American flag as “not appropriate for advertising,” with one Amazon employee adding that he does not “anticipate when these products will be eligible for advertising in the near future,” indicating that this is not a new or temporary policy for the online retail giant.

In a followup email, another Amazon employee specifically told Covfefe Coffee they would need to “remove the [American] flag from the product image” and remove the words “No Nonsense” and “No BS” from the advertisements.

Communicating with Big League Politics via email, Covfefe Coffee’s representatives expressed concern that Amazon is enforcing its policies against political advertisements arbitrarily to economically restrain conservatives.

On its website, Covfefe Coffee reveals that the brand supports the “‘Make America Great Again’ agenda,” and are willing to take the “revolutionary act” of publicly supporting President Trump.

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