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Amazon’s Third-World Workforce Revolts, Somali Migrants Strike for Higher Wages

Jeff Bozo didn’t count on his Somali labor force mobilizing and demanding benefits.



When third-world migrants were imported at taxpayer expense into the United States, it was done in part to help the profit margins of globalist oligarchs like Jeff Bezos.

Bezos, founder of Amazon and owner of the lobbyist Washington Post newspaper, exploits a largely Somalian work force in Minnesota, and they have decided enough is enough.

Amazon workers originally organized at the East African community group Awood Center to demand better labor conditions. In their efforts, they have forced company superiors to come to the table for negotiations and staged a large protest last year.

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They had their biggest victory yet on Thursday at Amazon’s MSP1 facility in Shakopee, MN where they staged a three-hour strike that they describe as a rousing success.

Like many Amazon workers, they are angry at the sub-standard conditions that the technocratic Bezos is forcing them to work under.

“We are very concerned with the increasing and unsafe workloads. The ‘rate’ they demand from us is dangerous and continues to increase,” worker Abdimajid Hassan said to Gizmodo.

“While we are facing these challenging situations, we don’t get any support from our managers. All they will communicate with us about is their concern that we reach our rate goals. It was time for action to show that we are united in demanding good, safe jobs,” Hassan said.

Last December’s rally featured an appearance from anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) who stood in solidarity with the workers as they took the fight to their corporate capitalist oppressors.

While Jeff Bozo and the many government officials in his back pocket figured their social engineering project to dump third-world refugees in America would yield a compliant, ignorant workforce, they are finding the reality is much different.

The Somalian workers resistance is just the beginning of the globalist atom bomb that has been dropped onto America because of multiculturalism and forced diversity.


Billionaire Mike Bloomberg Pays $16 Million in Fines of Black and Hispanic Felons to Enable Them to Vote




Billionaire and former New York City Mayor has raised $16 million dollars to pay off outstanding fines of Black and Hispanic felons in Florida, according to reporting from Axios on Tuesday. Florida restricts the voting rights of convicted criminals until they’ve paid off fines levied for their crimes by the criminal justice system.

It appears that Bloomberg’s fine repayment initative was only available to Black and Hispanic felons. Axios reported that to qualify for Bloomberg’s money, applicants had to have outstanding fines of less than $1,500, be already registered to vote, and to be Black or Latino.

White felons need not apply.

The program has reportedly already cleared the fines of 32,000 felons in the state, enabling them to vote in the election. It erases the punitive aspect of the court system’s fines, which were levied in the first place in order to require convicted criminals to personally make amends for their actions.

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Bloomberg’s felon bailout giveaway is legally questionable, and Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz has requested that Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody investigate what he’s doing. If he’s paying felons to vote for any one specific candidate, Bloomberg is in violation of campaign finance rules and could be liable to serve jail time .

The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy and no American should be denied that right,” said a Bloomberg spokesperson when asked about the fine repayment initiative. But it doesn’t seem as if the failed Democratic primary candidate is willing to buy back the voting rights of individuals who might be less inclined to vote for Joe Biden in November.

Bloomberg already tried and failed to buy the nomination in the Democratic primary, and now he’s trying to buy the crucial swing state of Florida for Joe Biden. Corrupt oligarchs should not be allowed to abuse the political system with impunity.

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