America First Candidate Joey Saladino SLIMED by GOP Establishment

On July 5, 2019, the campaign of Joseph “Joey” Saladino accused a Manhattan GOP Political Director, Robert “Bob” Morgan Jr. of sexual harassment.

According to a press release from Saladino’s team, this campaign of sexual harassment took place on Independence Day.  Robert “Bob” Morgan Jr is a well-established figured in the New York Republican Party machine with strong ties to Saladino’s establishment opponent, Nicole Malliotakis.

As millions of Americans put partisanship and petty politics aside during the 4th of July, Morgan spread nude photos of Saladino on Twitter. Based on an interview with Saladino, these photos were originally from one of Saladino’s previous YouTube endeavors where he was pulling Jackass style stunts. Morgan took it a step further by trying to shame Saladino for his pictures.

In light of these attacks, Saladino commented, “Of course, I’m angry to suffer this kind of sexual harassment from an official of the Manhattan GOP.”

The congressional candidate added, “First of all, it was on Independence Day he decided to do this, and two it’s really creepy that he would be so interested in my body and my [genitalia].”

Morgan made no efforts of trying to hide the images behind adult content filters, which made them freely available for minors to view. Saladino claims “It’s guaranteed that he exposed the images to minors, he made no efforts to censor the images.”

The Saladino campaign believes “that this targeted, politically motivated sexual harassment campaign was directed by members of Nicole Malliotakis’ assembly or campaign staff.” In Saladino’s view, Robert Morgan lacks the guile or initiative to carry out such an attack on his own.

In fact, Saladino revealed to Big League Politics that he had a previous run-in with Morgan’s business partner, Liam McCabe, during a Trump watch party event in June. As Saladino tried to peacefully enter the venue, he was met by McCabe, who threatened to have Saladino removed from the venue for no reason. McCabe yelled repeatedly at Saladino, “You can’t be here!”

Saladino’s campaign staff was as able to de-escalate the situation and enter the venue without problems. But that was not the end of this encounter. On Independence Day, Morgan took to the Internet and started launching coordinated attacks Saladino.

These Malliotakis affiliates went on Twitter to attack Salads for being a “Nazi” based on their flawed interpretation of a social experiment that Salads ran at a Trump rally in 2017 and disparaged his campaign in every way they could.

The Saladino campaign condemns this behavior and vows to “pursue all legal means to prevent this from occurring for other candidates regardless of political affiliation.”

BLP reported on Saladino becoming the first American YouTuber to enter the political arena as a congressional candidate.

Saladino has positioned himself as the pro-small business and pro-worker candidate for New York’s 11th district.

On top of that, Saladino has called for a more rational approach to mass migration, an issue that has galvanized nationalist movements worldwide due to its negative social and economic effects.

With what’s at stake in the 2020 elections, New York needs a strong alternative to the political status quo. Not politics as usual.

Saladino’s campaign offers a new approach to New York politics. That’s why Malliotakis and company are engaging in extracurricular smears against Saladino. They know their ideas don’t hold weight against Saladino’s robust America First platform.

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