America First Congressmen Mark Meadows to Retire in 2020

North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows, a staunch America First supporter, announced on Thursday, December 19, 2019 that he is retiring from Congress at the end of his term in office.

Meadows served North Carolina’s 11th District for four terms.

In a statement, Meadows said that he “struggled” with leaving what has generally considered to be a “temporary job.”

“For everything there is a season. After prayerful consideration and discussion with family, today I’m announcing that my time serving Western North Carolina in Congress will come to a close at the end of this term,” Meadows stated. “This was a decision I struggled with greatly.”

“My work with President Trump and his administration is only beginning,” Meadows continued. “This President has accomplished incredible results for the country in just 3 years, and I’m fully committed to staying in the fight with him and his team to build on those successes and deliver on his promises for the years to come. I’ve always said Congress is a temporary job, but the fight to return Washington, DC to its rightful owner, We The People, has only just begun.”

Meadow’s announcement came the day before the North Carolina filing deadline, which forced him to make the decision today. As opposed to some of his North Carolina congressional colleagues, Meadows was not deeply impacted by the state’s congressional re-districting measures. Meadow’s 11th District is expected to remain GOP hands, however.

The North Carolina congressman has been one of President Donald Trump’s strongest advocates. He served as chairman of the House Freedom Caucus during the first two years of the Trump administration and played a crucial role in trying to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Meadows established his trailblazing credentials when he tried to out former House Speaker John Boehner. He has stood strong with the president throughout the entire impeachment drama in 2019.

Rumors are circulating that Meadows could be joining the Trump administration in some capacity. Current speculation points to Meadows’s interest in being Trump’s chief of staff.

Meadows dismissed rumors that he would be running for North Carolina’s open Senate seat in 2022, when Republican Senator Richard Burr is expected to retire.

Congressman come and go, but Meadows will be especially missed by America First patriots.

Hopefully, North Carolina’s 11th district is occupied by an America First successor.

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