America First Conservative Lauren Witzke Wins Delaware Senate Republican Primary

Republican Senate candidate Lauren Witzke won the Delaware US Senate primary on Tuesday, defeating establishment-favored opponent James DeMartino. Witzke will face globalist liberal Chris Coons in the November general election.

Witzke thanked her supporters for pushing her over the finish line of victory in the primary on Tuesday night.

In a year that has seen primary defeats for major American nationalist candidates such as Steve King and Jeff Sessions, Witzke’s win is a much-needed primary win for the America First movement. Witzke favors a full immigration moratorium, pro-family federal policies modeled after programs enacted by Hungary’s Viktor Orban, and an America First foreign policy.

She’s also spoken of her support for workers and labor unions, starkly contrasting with corporate laissez-faire libertarians who staunchly oppose efforts of workers to organize for power against big business interests.

Witzke has spoken of her experience becoming addicted to opioids as an imperative to her candidacy, and wants to shut off the inflow of drug and human smuggling to the United States.

Local Republican Party professional operatives had expected Witzke to lose her primary- with the Delaware Republican Party even going so far as to endorse her opponent-but she secured a handy victory by more than 15%. Delaware Republican Party chair Jane Brady confirmed the party will unite behind her candidacy on Tuesday.

Witzke may be the first major party candidate in federal politics to run on promise of advocating for a full immigration moratorium. Jeff Sessions championed the idea in his most recent Alabama senatorial candidacy, but didn’t specify if he supported making it permanent after the coronavirus recession.

It’s an uphill battle to defeat a Democrat incumbent in a blue state, but even in the event that she loses, Witzke is a bright spot to watch within the America First movement.


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