America First Group Fights Back After Bridgewater State University Allows Doxxing of Opponents of Anti-White Propaganda on Campus

A group of America First journalists and students are fighting back after Bridgewater State University (BSU) in Massachusetts allowed the doxxing of kids who are fighting back against anti-white propaganda on campus.

A new organization founded to shine light on these type of issues, America First Journalism, issued a press release exposing what is happening on BSU’s campus. They reference the university’s “Special Presidential Task Force on Racial Justice,” which details the anti-white agenda that will be implemented at BSU.

“It has referenced that faculty and others who work at BSU show signs of “white fragility,” and have even smeared white students on campus. The school will also require a “racial equity” or “social justice” curriculum that all students must participate in,” the press release states.

The anti-white propaganda on campus is already resulting in students getting doxxed and harassed who do not bend the knee to racist marxist dogma. They accuse leftists on campus, often with encouragement from academic elites, of targeting students “who stand up for themselves and their fellow white students who are being shamed for their skin color.”

“Doxxing is a crime and can be punishable through a fine or even jail time. In addition, doxxing is a clear violation of the Bridgewater State University Student Code of Conduct,” the press release explains.

“Additionally, public statements from the Co-Chairs of this left-wing report can be found on their Twitter handles, including biased statements about Trump associates being “White-Nationalists,” and comparing America to the 1930s,” it continues.

“It is clear that the Co-Chairs’ bias along with the format of the report have shown this university to be hostile toward students based on their skin color, which is racist,” the presser adds.

The tweet thread posted by America First Journalism exposing the anti-white agenda at BSU can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported about the prevalence of critical race theory and other blood libels against white people in order to set the stage for left-wing violence and genocide:

Bizarre footage of a critical race theory indoctrination session in the Loudoun County, Virginia public school system has surfaced, with a teacher demanding a student identify pictures of two people by their race.

In the lesson, an instructor persistently berates a student to speak about a benign picture of two women. The student accurately describes the picture as ‘two people chilling,’ only for the teacher to continually press the student to identify the people by their race…

When the student finally relents and mentions the racial aspects of the photo, he rejects the teacher’s insinuation that he needs to focus primarily on race. “At the end of the day, wouldn’t that just be feeding into the problem instead of acknowledging them as two normal people?”

The pervasive use of race-based curriculum has become a topic of contention in the affluent Virginia suburban community, with a group of teachers under police investigation for creating a Facebook group to dox and harass parents who oppose the use of CRT indoctrination in the county’s public schools. School board members of the Loudoun school district were also caught in the harassment Facebook group. Fanatic racial leftists were caught documenting the addresses, employers and and alleged crimes of individuals who oppose CRT in Loudoun County schools.”

Organizations like America First Journalism need to continue to form in order to take cultural power back from the Left, or full-blown revolution will become inevitable to save the West from the grip of savages who are too mentally feeble to build and only know how to destroy.

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