AMERICA FIRST: Kanye West Bringing Adidas Headquarters, Manufacturing Jobs to Wyoming

Kanye West is set to bring hundreds of manufacturing jobs to the United States through moving production facilities of his Adidas Yeezys brand to the country from nations such as China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

West plans on opening a facility in Cody, Wyoming, near where the rapper acquired the Bighorn Mountain Ranch with the intention of making it his primary residence.

Kanye grew a strong attachment with the Mountain West state after recording his 2018 album ‘Ye’ in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

(Kanye West’s new Wyoming ranch.)

Steve Smith, Yeezys’s production designer, spoke of West’s desire to bring back manufacturing jobs from abroad during a fashion industry event in November.

We’re going to bring jobs back here. We’re going to make Yeezys in America. This is revolution.”

In an ironic twist, a Dutch NGO is scolding West over his plan to move jobs to America from the Asian countries.

The Clean Clothes Campaign claims that West is negatively impacting the sweatshop workers that currently manufacture Adidas Yeezy products in dismal workplace conditions. The charity maintains they’d be better off with their existing employment structure, under which many earn no more than $4 a day.

Many American companies outsource their manufacturing and business operations under the premise of profiting from the sweatshop conditions prevalent in the East Asian labor markets.

It doesn’t occur to “charitable” organizations such as the Clean Clothes campaign that the most effective way to shut down such employment models would be to move manufacturing to nations with far more decent and fair labor conditions, such as the United States.

Adidas Yeezys is already subletting a factory in Cody. The brand is seeking at least a dozen new workers for the operation from the local community.

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