AMERICA FIRST REFUGEES: Michelle Malkin Finds Fourth Venue for Maine Event After Left-Wing Mob Harassment

#StandWithICE founder and best selling author Michelle Malkin is under fire for standing for “America First” principles from all angles. A digital hate mob has targeted her and attempted to bully venues into denying her from giving a scheduled speech tonight in Maine.

Malkin accused the digital hate mob of using the “Facebook hecklers’ veto” in their attempt to bully her into silence.

She also chided the Conservative Inc. cowards who pretend to stand for free speech, but have been silent regarding the attacks against her event.

On her Telegram account, Malkin said that she and her supporters are “like #AmericaFirst refugees searching for a home.”

If they are somehow booted from this fourth venue, they do have the opportunity to use the Congressional office of Eric Brakey. The liberty-minded Congressional contender extended the invitation to Malkin earlier today:

Congressional candidate Eric Brakey is stepping in and making sure the mob doesn’t win in their organized campaign against free speech. He made an announcement on Facebook that he was willing to host the Malkin event from his Congressional headquarters.

“In the interest of protecting our First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly, I have offered the UMaine College Republicans access tonight for their event with Michelle Malkin one venue the SJW outrage mob can’t cancel — our campaign HQ in Lewiston, Maine,” Brakey wrote.

“Cancel culture has become a toxic stain on discourse in our free society. As Free Americans, we grow stronger by debating ideas we disagree with, not shouting people down,” he added. “These young college students have put in an incredible amount of work to bring Ms. Malkin to Maine, but every private venue has canceled their hosting due to intimidation by an SJW outrage mob. We should not allow Free Speech to be shut down so easily.”

Barring another cancellation from the venue, Malkin’s speech hosted by the University of Maine College Republicans is scheduled to start within the hour.

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