America First Republican David Giglio Challenges Disgraced Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

On October 30, 2023, David Giglio, an America First Republican, announced his plan to challenge former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for his seat in California’s 20th district. 

Giglio commended the 8 Republican House members who voted to relieve McCarthy of his speaker position. 

“Kevin McCarthy was removed as Speaker by 8 courageous members of his own party for failing to keep his promises and capitulating to Joe Biden and the radical Democrats,” Giglio declared in his press release. “Kevin McCarthy must be defeated.”

In early October, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz led the push to remove McCarthy from his speaker position. Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson would later become McCarthy’s successor as speaker. 

McCarthy appears to be running for re-election. The former House Speaker first joined Congress in 2007 when he was elected to represent California’s 22nd district. Giglio, owns a sports cards and memorabilia business, per his campaign website

California features a jungle-primary system, where the top two candidates, irrespective of the party, go on to the general election.

Giglio will put an end to the mass migration invasion the ruling class has facilitated. Per his website, Giglio will do the following to stave off the migrant invasion: 

  • Impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas
  • Temporary moratorium on immigration until the border is fully secured, the wall is finished, the backlog of current pending cases is cleared, and the naturalization process is streamlined to meet 21st Century demands.
  • Merit based system.
  • Nationwide e-Verify.
  • End foreign aid to Mexico and other Central American nations until they commit to crushes the cartels.
  • Capital punishment for drug and human traffickers.

Further, the America First Republican promised to oppose all gun control legislation and further weaponization of the government to persecute America First figures. As a firm believer of election integrity, Giglio is in favor of “same-day voting, a rigorous and transparent signature verification process for absentee ballots, and the implementation of nationwide voter ID laws.”

Political strategist Cliff Maloney commented on Giglio’s run: 

Kevin McCarthy represents the swamp political establishment that’s focused on perpetuating never-ending wars, a wide open border, and putting America Last. We need bold leaders like David Giglio to lead this country. He must defeat Kevin McCarthy and his corrupt agenda.

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