America First Republicans Took a Stand on Social Issues Being Attached to Major Defense Bill

On July 12, 2023, House Republicans tacked on polarizing culture war provisions to key defense policy legislation, which alienated Democrats and even put its passage in jeopardy. 

On July 13, the House voted on predominantly party lines to rescind a policy that allows military members to access abortion services and prohibits military health insurance coverage for transgender care. Amendments were also attached to legislation establishing Defense Department policy and setting military spending levels for 2023. Another amendment singled out racial diversity initiatives.

The latest fight over the National Defense Authorization Act, a spending bill that total $866 billion, is just the latest chapter of political polarization taking place in Congress that could lead to a government shutdown starting as soon as October 1. 

Historically, the NDAA was usually passed with strong bipartisan support and did not involve so much political bickering over politically charged amendments

The House voted to tack on provisions that would impede the Defense Department’s ability to pay for or reimburse expenses related to abortion services, stop the provision of health insurance for military families using gender hormone treatments or sex reassignment surgeries for transgender individuals, hamper diversity, equality and inclusion initiatives and prevent Defense Department school funding from being used “to promote race-based theories.”

Despite Republicans’ efforts to block the passage of spending, DC got a small victory when America First Republicans’ plan to slash US government aid failed despite receiving support from 70 Republicans. 

On top of that, the House is considering provisions that throw obstacles against the Biden regime’s climate change orders and prohibit federal funds being used toward renaming military bases, which includes those that have commemorated Confederate figures. 

Members of the Freedom Caucus urged House leaders to write up government spending bills that slash funding $120 billion under this summer’s debt ceiling deal, guaranteeing that House Democrats will not back the legislation.

For example, the spending measures would slash spending for the Environmental Protection Agency by 39% and Labor Department by 29%.

The bills also feature cuts to FBI and Justice Department funding in response to the investigation conducted against former President Donald Trump for his alleged mishandling of classified documents and election interference. On top of that, America First Republicans have put forward bills to scrap diversity programs in the government while also prohibiting the teaching of “critical race theory.”

Indeed, Republicans seem to be getting a spine. However, cynic would argue that Republicans are doing so because of their opposition to a Democratic presidency. Nevertheless, we have to start somewhere. The key here is to electing America First Republicans who will take the fight to Deep State. The long-term goal is for these types of Republicans to purge out neocons and other establishment types from the party. 

From there, it will be much easier to implement America First policies. 

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