AMERICA LAST: Biden Preparing to Offer One Billion Dollars in Reparations to Illegal Aliens

President Biden’s administration is preparing a package which will offer as much to a billion dollars in de facto reparations to illegal aliens, providing a generous $450,000 payment to anyone who was separated from their so-called family members during Donald Trump’s presidency.

The Wall Street Journal broke news of the settlement on Thursday, which comes in response to lawsuits filed by illegal immigrants. The suits have no legal merit, but the Biden administration will admit US government liability regardless.

Several thousand minors are expected to be eligible for the wealth payment as will many families. Payments will be made on an individual basis, with some families of illegal immigrants standing to reap several millions of dollars from the reparations package.

The payout, which will hand illegal immigrants more money than many Americans make in a decade, may prove to serve as the most powerful invitation to illegal immigrants that any President has ever enacted. President Biden broke the single-year record for illegal immigration in fiscal year 2021, with Border Patrol processing more illegals than they ever have in recorded history.

President Trump directed Customs and Border Patrol to house minors and adults in separate facilities, following widespread reports of fraud on the part of human smugglers who sought to use unrelated minors to secure US residency benefits. Such a detention format had been used by the federal government before, with President Barack Obama building many of the facilities liberals became histrionic over during Trump’s presidency.

Lawyers working for the Department of Homeland Security have slammed the cash giveaway, with one remarking that illegal immigrants were getting more money than relatives of 9/11 casualties and survivors ever got from the government. At least one has resigned from representing the federal government in the case.

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