American Cities With Most Murders Are Run By Democrats

According to figures from the finance website Insider Monkey, the majority of the most dangerous metropolitan areas in the United States are led by Democratic Party political leaders.

Insider Monkey was able to organize a list of 30 cities in the United States that used the FBI’s Quarterly Uniform Crime Report and police department data. ZeroHedge reported on the finding for the top 15 cities on this list. 

These cities and their total murder numbers included: 

  1. Chicago, Illinois: Murders in 2023: 166
  2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Murders in 2023: 165
  3. Phoenix, Arizona: Murders in 2023: 137
  4. Dallas, Texas: Murders in 2023: 126
  5. Baltimore, Maryland: Murders in 2023: 112
  6. Houston, Texas: Murders in 2023: 109
  7. Los Angeles, California: Murders in 2023: 102
  8. New York City, New York: Murders in 2023: 100
  9. Indianapolis, Indiana: Murders in 2023: 96
  10. Kansas City, Missouri: Murders in 2023: 96
  11. Detroit, Michigan: Murders in 2023: 89
  12. Washington, DC: Murders in 2023: 89
  13. Louisville, Kentucky: Murders in 2023: 89
  14. Memphis, Tennessee: Murders in 2023: 81
  15. St. Louis, Missouri: Murders in 2023: 65

This is the reality of living in a blue jurisdiction, whether it’s a city or state. These areas are marked by policies that coddle criminals and disarm the law-abiding, thereby making them total hellholes to live in. 

Obviously, people are within their right to leave these jurisdictions and search for greener pastures. 

However, one of the best ways to fight back against this disorder is to unseat progressive DAs who give violent criminals a slap on the wrist. From there, our vaunted cities could be taken from the Left and restored to greatness.  

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