American Father Rightfully Skips Royal Wedding

American Thomas Markle is standing strong against the Crown, and the royal family is rocked with scandal about his absence.

Markle, who recently had a heart attack, is being pilloried in the mainstream media for staging paid paparazzi photos of himself getting ready for the wedding between his daughter Meghan Markle and one of the British princes. He might have made about $100,000.

Good for him! The royal family has a problem with an American man making some money?

His own daughter, an obscure “Suits” actress whose fiance Harry made a big point of saying he wouldn’t invite Trump to the wedding, is now throwing her own father under the bus.

Us Weekly reports:

“Meghan is upset and disturbed by the entire ordeal and just wants to move past it,” the source tells Us. “She doesn’t want to let anything ruin her day and is trying to keep focus on the weekend.”

The insider adds that Meghan’s relationship with her father “has always been strained” because of “his ill thought-out decisions and his lack of responsibility.”

US Weekly passage thankfully ends

Americans have no reason to go to the royal wedding. The British Crown has no sovereignty here. It’s bad enough that we’re giving away one of our own to the Brits right after they helped compile the Christopher Steele dossier.


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