American Hero H.K. Edgerton Schools The Left On Confederate History

American patriot H.K. Edgerton stood beside the destroyed remnants of the “Silent Sam” Confederate statue in Chapel Hill, North Carolina Wednesday with a Confederate flag to protest the destruction of Southern American history.

Edgerton, the former Asheville, N.C. chapter president of the NAACP, delivered an eloquent defense of the statue, which was torn down in an Antifa riot in which the University of North Carolina was clearly complicit. Edgerton explained how the Confederate military was integrated and spoke of the numerous black heroes who fought and gave their lives at war — black heroes who used to be honored by Silent Sam, but are honored no longer due to Antifa’s criminal actions.

Watch this brave man’s history lesson, which UNC students could learn something from:


Masked Antifa protesters pulled down the statue of Confederate soldier “Silent Sam” on the grounds of the University of North Carolina Monday night.

Big League Politics was covering the riot live, watching left-wing Antifa vandals storm the statue as the Chapel Hill police essentially stood down and let it happen. The crowd erupted in cheers as the statue came down, with protesters alternately chanting the words “No USA At All.”

There were numerous skirmishes in the crowd, with Antifa tackling at least one of the pro-America patriots who showed up to peacefully protest their violent actions.

Antifa leader Dwayne Dixon, a CURRENT professor of cultural anthropology at the University of North Carolina, assaulted me when I asked him about his admission that he chased Charlottesville driver James Fields with a rifle right before Fields plowed into Heather Heyer, killing her.

The university ostensibly did nothing to stop the violent display, which resulted in a man being chased across a busy intersection and down the sidewalk by dozens of violent hooligans.

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