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American Journalist Plans on Exposing Mexican Cartel Shenanigans



Brandon Darby, the Director of Breitbart’s Border and Cartel Chronicles projects, exposed some of the Mexican cartel Los Zetas (CDN) and their plans to undermine American journalists.Darby started a tweet thread on the matter.

He first tweeted, “FYI, some Mexican cartels, specifically Los Zetas (CDN), have a social media team that constantly attacks everyone who reports on cartels. The cartels murder journalists who report on them and their social media team goes after the reporters who the cartels don’t want to murder.”

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Darby explained that Los Zetas cartel members are trolling him on social media.

He remarked, “I’m a white dude with political connections and US citizenship, so the cowards in Los Zetas (CDN) don’t murder me like they do reporters in Mexico — they just troll me on social media.”

The Breitbart journalist and his team plan to publish a photo of a Los Zetas boss. Darby explained that if he were a Mexican reporter, he would likely get killed for doing so. He noted, “We are about to publish the first ever photo showing the face of a top Los Zetas (CDN) boss. They won’t do sh*t about it, but they’d kill me if I were a Mexican reporter and did the same thing.”

Darby then finished off the tweet thread, stating “After we publish the Los Zetas cartel commander’s photo and write about him, he’ll have to run and hid like a cockroach when the lights come on. Authorities will get embarrassed and they’ll likely arrest him, or at least try to. We’ll see.”

Mexico’s cartels practically run Mexico.

These are no run-of-the-mill criminal organizations armed with regular weapons. They have access to heavy firepower and have turned into a de facto parallel state in Mexico.

Exposing the cartel’s thuggish tactics is great. However, the U.S. government must act to establish a clear barrier on the southern border to prevent these entities from terrorizing American citizens.

Should it fail to do so, Mexico’s problems will make their way over to America.


Joe Biden Nominates Liberal Activist Neera Tanden as Director of Office of Management and Budget; “Zero Chance of Being Confirmed”

Tanden is a controversial Democrat.



Democratic candidate Joe Biden announced his nomination of Center for American Progress President and controversial Democrat Neera Tanden as Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Biden is yet to be certified as the rightful president-elect pending the outcome of litigation challenging the results in swing states, but this hasn’t prevented him from making personnel decisions.

Tanden, who is somewhat known as a Twitter personality, is a controversial figure in Democratic and progressive circles. She regularly used her position of influence in the Democratic establishment to attack Bernie Sanders during his 2016 and 2020 campaigns,

Tanden also became a target of ire for an incident in which she revealed the identity of an individual who was allegedly sexually harassed at the Center for American Progress.

However, it appears that Tanden’s confirmation as the Director of OMB, is doubtful. Drew Brandewie, a staffer of veteran Republican Senator John Cornyn, described the establishment liberal figure as having “zero chance of being confirmed” in a Sunday tweet.

Liberals went ballistic at the notion Tanden wouldn’t be approved by a Republican Senate majority after spending her career maligning the figures whose votes she would require.

Tanden was an essential figure in pioneering the ‘resistance’ branding of establishment Democrats during Trump’s first term.

Tanden appears to have deleted more than a thousand tweets on her personal Twitter account over the weekend, possibly attempting to clean any mines that could arise in potential Senate confirmation hearings.

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