‘American Orbánism’: CPAC Hungary Causes Liberals to Meltdown

The far-left is in meltdown mode following a very successful version of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that was recently held in Hungary, which even featured a surprise appearance by President Donald Trump.

Many Democrat grifters and pundits took to their Twitter accounts to express their anguish at the horror of what was taking place:

One speech during the conference, given by New York Young Republican Club President Gavin Wax, was particularly triggering to the far-left enemies of America.

The Nation columnist Jeet Heer devoted an entire column to Wax’s show-stopping speech demanding an “American Orbánism.” He called Wax “a man of the hard right” and chided him for once appearing on an anti-illegal immigration podcast hosted by VDare.

“We are so thankful for Hungary because it sets an example and gives hope to beleaguered conservatives worldwide. Hungary has promoted natalism. Hungary has ejected the Soros network from its borders. Hungary has protected its own national borders and protected the interests of Hungarians outside of them. They have kept migrants out and they have halted degeneracy in its tracks,” Wax said in his speech.

“The prime minister has provided us with a road map to follow and we will fearlessly achieve those same goals on our shores. We will establish a form of conservatism that sees the media as the enemy and actually conserves what we hold near and dear. Our national renewal will be preceded by a historic rebuking of not just the soulless Marxists elites of the left but also the greedy, bloodthirsty neoconservatives and neoliberals of the right. They will be exposed, demonized and crushed beneath the waves of a rising tide of populism,” the rising conservative leader said to conclude his remarks.

Heer retorted to Wax’s speech by criticizing Orbán for “harnessing popular opposition to capitalism but aiming it against scapegoats like Soros (as well as sexual and ethnic minorities), all in the service of shoring up an increasingly authoritarian status quo.”

“Orbánism is the same tedious old fascist shell game. American Orbánism is no different,” Heer said.

However, the fear-mongering about Orbán is falling on deaf ears among an American public that ais watching their country disintegrate before their very eyes. The people hate their ruling class and are demanding a new vision. And as terrifying as that vision may be for ivory-tower liberal pundits, it will inevitably be realized in America before long.

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