Americans For Legal Immigration Endorses Republican Dave Hughes in Flippable District

A Republican running for Congress in a Minnesota district that could easily flipped from blue to red was endorsed Tuesday by Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC).

“Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is endorsing the Congressional campaign of Republican Dave Hughes who is running against 28 year Democrat incumbent Collin Peterson who supports Amnesty for illegal aliens in Minnesota’s 7th District,” the organization said in a press release.

According to ALIPAC, Hughes has pledged to opposeĀ “changing existing laws to accommodate millions of illegal immigrants through ‘immigration reform’, DACA, Dream Act, or Comprehensive Amnesty which would allow illegal aliens to either have a path to citizenship, a new visa, or some new form of legal status which would eventually lead to a new voting bloc of 11-20 million illegal immigrants, which would in turn destroy any future hopes of border or immigration law existence or enforcement by handing permanent political power to the Democrats.”

Hughes is battling his 28-year incumbent opponent on true battleground turf. Minnesota’s 7th Congressional district includes many “pivot counties.” These pivot counties flipped from voting for President Barack H. Obama in 2012 to voting for President Donald J. Trump in 2016, indicating that they could continue the trend of voting red in 2018.

Hughes duked it out with Peterson in 2016 too, losing by only 5%, or fewer than 20,000 votes in whole numbers.

“Collin Peterson supports Amnesty for illegal immigrants and has cosponsored Amnesty legislation such as the Dream Act Amnesty and bills that would put illegal immigrants into the US military to receive Amnesty,” ALIPAC said.

Hughes is a 21-year Air Force Veteran who has worked seven times in combat zones.


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