America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani Defends Character Against Accusations From MAGA Traitors Jason Miller and Bill Stepien

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani is defending his character against accusations from Trump flunkies and MAGA traitors Jason Miller and Bill Stepien, who both claimed Giuliani was inebriated on election night as the 2020 presidential election was stolen from the American people.

“The mayor was definitely intoxicated but I do not know that his level of intoxication when he spoke with the president, for example,” Miller said during his testimony to the Jan. 6 commission.

Additionally, CNN reported that “[Former Trump campaign manager] Bill Stepien testified to the Jan. 6 committee that he believed [Trump’s lawyer] Rudy Giuliani had had too much to drink on election night.”

Giuliani is categorically denying that he was drunk as he implored Trump to heroically declare victory on election night.

Stepien and Miller are complying with the shameful Jan. 6 show trial conducted by Democrats and RINO Republicans in Congress to fabricate a criminal conspiracy out of President Trump’s attempts to upend election fraud following the 2020 presidential election.

“There were two groups of them. We called them kind of my team and Rudy’s team. I — I didn’t mind being characterized as being part of Team Normal, as — as reporters, you know, kind of started to do around that point in time,” Stepien said, describing the factions within Trump’s team heading into Jan. 6. 

Stepien, who served as Trump’s campaign manager throughout 2020, would eventually abandon ship because he disagreed with Trump’s relentless efforts fighting voter fraud.

“And, you know, I can work under a lot of circumstances for a lot of varied, you know, candidates and politicians,” Stepien said. “But a situation where — and I think along the way, I’ve built up a pretty good — I hope a good reputation for being honest and — and professional, and I didn’t think what was happening was necessarily honest or professional at that point in time.”

Miller, the infamous grifter who soaked up Chinese money to bankroll his Gettr social media scam, made comments inferring that Trump knew he lost on election night.

“I was in the Oval Office,” Miller said during his deposition. “At some point in the conversation, Matt Oczkowski, who was the lead data person, was brought on, and I remember he delivered to the President in pretty blunt terms that he was going to lose.”

Miller, a former senior adviser to Trump, claimed afterward that the Jan. 6 commission he freely complied with while giving testimony is taking his words out of context. Long-time Trump confidant Roger Stone is not buying Miller’s spin and slamming the scamster for his acts of self-serving disloyalty.

“What a backstabbing a**hole,” Stone wrote in a Telegram post on Monday.

“For those just now finding out that Jason Miller is a lying scumbag, I called this a long time ago,” he continued.

“When Miller is not busy impregnating women who are not his wife or trying to slip an abortion pill to his impregnated mistress he is fronting for Chinese nationals and smearing the greatest mayor in New York City history,” Stone added.

Jan. 6 has drawn a line in the sand separating the Fake MAGA from the Ultra MAGA. Giuliani and Stone are clearly Ultra MAGA patriots willing to sacrifice for the America First cause. Stepien and Miller are Fake MAGA cowards who only care about lining their own pockets. Trump must remember these traitors if he runs for president again in 2024 and beyond.

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