Ammunition Sales Rise In Wake of Coronavirus Epidemic

Sales for ammunition are spiking in conjunction with the coronavirus epidemic, according to new reporting from Yahoo that analyzes interest in one of the internet’s leading ammo retails,’s online traffic has spiked significantly in correlation with increased search results for Coronavirus, according to Google search analytics.

A marketing manager for, Alex Horsman, confirmed that he did believe global concerns surrounding the coronavirus were fueling the consumer demands for ammunition supplies.

We know certain things impact ammo sales, mostly political events or economic instability when people feel their rights may end up infringed, but this is our first experience with a virus leading to such a boost in sales. But it makes sense. A lot of our customers like to be prepared. And for many of them, it’s not just facemasks and TheraFlu. It’s knowing that no matter what happens, they can keep themselves and their families safe.”

Common rifle cartridges such 7.62×39 and .223 Remington- the two most common rifle cartridges, for AR and AK-style rifles respectively- were the second and third most increased ammunition variant sold by .223 sales increased by 194%, and 7.62×39 by 114%.

People from states such as North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Texas fueled the greatest increase in demand for ammunition.

The Chinese government has doubled down on its tendency towards authoritarianism in light of the virus’ all-encompassing impact on the city of Wuhan. Citizens monitoring Chinese law enforcement have been forcibly abducted and quarantined by the government even in cases where it appears doubtful that they even have the disease.

It’s not exactly obvious what American gun owners are expecting as a result of the coronavirus, but many feel inclined to stock up on vital supplies essential to self-defense.

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