An Establishment PAC with Never Trump Connections is Backing RINO Nick Langworthy for Congress in New York

New York Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy is getting a boost in his Congressional run from an establishment PAC that is connected to Trump opponents across the country.

The American Liberty Action PAC has spent money to help boost Langworthy’s campaign against Carl Paladino. According to data available at OpenSecrets, the big money operation has spent $344,354 to oppose Paladino and $9,400 to support Langworthy in the race for New York’s new 23rd Congressional District.

Charles Gantt of Red Curve Strategies is the treasurer of American Liberty Action PAC. Gantt served as a senior financial analyst for Romney for President in 2012 before joining Red Curve Strategies as senior vice president following the campaign.

Red Curve Strategies boasts clientele including former Congressman Christopher Shays, a Connecticut Republican who compares Trump to Hitler and wishes he were still in Congress to join his comrades Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney to oppose America First policies, and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, a disgraced figure in the process of being chased from the Republican Party by Trump himself.

Gantt has been aggressively funneling oligarch money into the coffers of anti-Trump Republicans throughout the 2022 midterms. He was treasurer for the Principled Leadership for Michigan PAC, which funneled donations from the rich family of Congressman Peter Meijer into supporting his re-election efforts. Meijer lost his primary election to challenger John Gibbs earlier this month despite a massive edge in funds.

The only other candidate the American Liberty Action PAC is opposing besides Paladino is Florida Congressional contender Anthony Sabatini, a close friend to Rep. Matt Gaetz and one of the most America First state lawmakers in the country.

Big League Politics has reported on Paladino taking the fight to Democrat New York Governor Kathy Hochul and defending the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution before even being elected to Congress:

New York Congressional candidate Carl Paladino has filed a lawsuit against New York Governor Kathy Hochul over her illegal and unconstitutional gun control overreach.

Paladino is suing to block Chapter 371, which is a desperate attempt to undo the Supreme Court and their recent decision to invalidate restrictions against concealed firearms. Paladino’s lawsuit is aimed around blocking the most onerous provision of the law: Chapter 5.

The primary between Paladino and Langworthy is scheduled to take place on Aug. 23.

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