Andrew Cuomo: “Plain Truth” That Trump Has Delivered for New York

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo struck a bipartisan tone when speaking on MSNBC Monday about his state’s coordination with the federal government for the coronavirus epidemic, admitting that President Trump had delivered in a meaningful fashion for the state.

Watch the segment here:

I’ve constantly requested assistance because we need it… If you help me for New York I will call it the way it is, and say you delivered. And he delivered today.”

President Trump had ordered the US Navy hospital ship Mercy to Hudson Bay to assist in alleviating stresses on New York City’s medical system. As of Monday, the ship will be in-taking coronavirus patients as well as treating others to free up beds in New York’s regular and emergency hospitals.

New York hospitals began discharging more coronavirus patients than they’re admitting on Saturday, a sign that could mean the state is flattening the curve and blunting the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Authorities are still warning New Yorkers that resisting the urge to gather in groups is essential to turning the corner on the disease.

Cuomo also made it clear that the state’s existing inventory of ventilators was adequate for current need on Monday.

Cuomo’s strong working relationship with the President hasn’t prevented other liberal Democrats in the media and political class from chomping at the bit, hoping to score political points against the President for perceived slights in the federal coronavirus response. But the governor for the state that’s the national coronavirus ground zero stating that Trump has delivered for his state all but puts to rest accusations that the federal response to the unprecedented pandemic is lacking.

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