Andrew Cuomo Threatens to Reinstate Coronavirus Lockdown As New Yorkers Flout Rules

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is threatening to reinstate coronavirus lockdowns, as Manhattan and New York City residents increasingly ignore the state government’s rules for social distancing and safe activity.

At a Sunday press conference in Albany, Cuomo threatened that businesses flouting the rules for capacity restrictions could lose their liquor licenses.

I am warning today in a nice way: consequences of your actions,” said the governor, once praised by progressives for his daily press conferences, before his responsibility in a nursing home containment scandal was revealed.  “We have 25,000 complaints statewide. I’m not going to turn a blind eye to them.

The Democrat chided what he saw as careless revelers, openly warning that he would place the state back into its original strict coronavirus restrictions if the public didn’t obey him.

They are rampant and there’s not enough enforcement,” he said of photos of crowds at Manhattan bars. “I am not going to allow situations to exist that we know have a high likelihood of causing an increase in the spread of the virus.

If we have to close, then people are going to hold you accountable.

Despite his chiding against bargoers and crowds, Cuomo utterly failed to even so much as lightly scold the large crowds of left-wing protestors and race rioters who have taken to the streets of New York City in a fashion utterly dismissive of the coronavirus threat and social distancing. Just on Sunday, progressives gathered in close proximity in the thousands for a “Black Trans Lives Matter” protest, flagrantly violating the state’s social distancing requirements in a manner that left New Yorkers shaking their heads at the shameless cowardice and hypocrisy of their state government.

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