Andy Biggs Sounds the Alarms on the Illegal Alien Crisis at the Border 

The ruling class in the DC Swamp is still fixated with the latest developments in Ukraine . The Eastern European country finds itself on the wrong end of a nasty war of attrition against Russia, but that doesn’t matter to DC, which is still firmly committed to waging a proxy war against Russia. 

However, when it comes to the southern border, a place that’s getting Zerg rushed by hordes of illegal aliens, the same politicians pull a Casper the Friendly Ghost. 

There’s few politicians, even in the Republican Party, who are willing to answer the call of defending the US’s national sovereignty. Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs wants to change that. 

On June 17, 2022, Biggs tweeted, “Border Patrol encountered nearly 240K illegal aliens at the border in May. 

This is the highest total for a month in American history. 

Biden does not have control of the southern border.”

According to Andrew R. Arthur of the Center for Immigration Studies, who drew statistics from Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol agents encountered exactly 222,656 illegal aliens in May. 

The collapse at the border is no coincidence. It’s the product of bad public policy where the Biden administration has done little to bolster border security and has allowed interior enforcement to deteriorate.

With Biden imploding at the polls, one has to wonder if he’s going to leave a nasty parting gift for whoever is president in 2024. That could come in the form of a completely collapsed border, with millions of migrants flooding (a future voting base for Democrats) into the country and wreaking havoc. 

No matter how one slices it, containing mass migration is of the utmost importance. The US will cease to exist as a sovereign nation if it does not confront this matter.

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