ANOTHER Armed “Protestor” Pulls a Gun on Motorist Trapped by Mob of Black Lives Matter in Oregon

A Black Lives Matter rioter pulled a gun on a motorist trying to escape a mob of protestors blocking a roadway in Eugene, Oregon on Saturday night.

The driver was reportedly fearful of his life when his vehicle was surrounded by a mob of riotous demonstrators. Perhaps fearing an outcome similar to the numerous incidence of violent “protestors” shooting individuals attempting to escape their roadblocks, he wielded a gun of his own, only to be aggressively confronted by the armed roadblocker.

Fortunately, it appears that no one was injured as a result of the tense confrontation.

Gunshots had already been heard hours earlier at Eugene’s Black Lives Matter protest.

Rioters blocking roadways has consistently proven to be one of the most dangerous circumstances for the public and all involved, with two left-wing demonstrators recently being charged with attempted murder for shooting at motorists trying to escape lines of rioters blocking public roadways.

Law enforcement can no longer sit by idly as careless and reckless left-wing rioters put the public in danger through instigating armed confrontations on public roads and highways.

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